Recent New File Additions to the Site:

The MCADD collection is a work-in-process and we strive to add a set of new files each month. Now we will dispolay a monthly list of items added to the site, and post this list under “What’s New” in the Forum. By checking these monthly lists readers can search for new items of their particular interest added since last they searched the site.

Once readers have identified one or more item(s) of interest in these lists, they can either search manually through the collection to find that new item, or they can use the “Search” function using a key word from the file name to find the particular item of interest. All the items are available for free download to anyone interested to see them.

We entertain requests for new items which readers would like to see added to the collection, and such requests may be addressed to the MCADDeditor by email at Requests should be for difficult-to-find items which are no longer in print, related to the geographical area of interest to this website–namely the area comprising the mountainous region of the Himalaya, Tibet and Central Asia.


New File Lists — 1 Comment

  1. I am seeking some academic efforts which researched about mountainous worldview made by some scholars: how the inhabitants of mountainous territory are impacted by surrounding geographic environment. Since they have distinct lifestyles rather than those who reside plain and urban due to a distinct location and situation of their living it needs to discover the inner matter instead of the phenomenal understanding.
    Particularly for the sake of development and enhancement of a quality of the lives those who residence in mountainous area it demanded to concern their thought and worldview in prior before approach them by materials and physical welfare. It would bring an appropriate understanding both to the people and to the plan to approach them.

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