These are the Geography of Himalayas–Charts from 1907. Click to download.

Himalayan Ranges Size: 340K
IX-Parallelism Size: 272K
Title Page Size: 128K
V-Peak locations Size: 200K
VI-snow ranges Size: 232K
X-Kumaun Himalaya Size: 404K
XI-Kumaun Himalaya Size: 264K
XII-Hodgson theory Size: 172K
XIX-Siwalik Size: 268K
XVI-Bifurcations Size: 316K
XVIII-Ravi Size: 180K
XXI-Conjunctions Size: 304K
XXIV-Jumna, Ganges Size: 460K
XXIX-Manas, Raidak Size: 196K
XXV-Kali, Ramganga Size: 388K
XXVIII-Kosi, Tista Size: 224K
XXX-Brahmaputra Size: 700K
XXXI-Sutlej Size: 216K
XXXII-Beas, Ravi Size: 172K
XXXIV-Indus Size: 612K
XXXVI-Gorges Size: 212K