Users of the MCADD website, and others researching topics within the MCADD area, are invited to post notices of research in progress or references to newly published research.  They may correspond with the editor at in this regard.

To begin this process the MCADD has initiated two projects, both concerned with the early Himalayan traveller and explorer William Moorcroft.

  1.  The Moorcroft Journal Transcription Project seeks to transcribe the handwritten travel journals and letters of Moorcroft as he travelled from Bareilly to Bokhara via Joshimath, Dehra Dun, Lahore, Kullu, Ladakh, Kashmir, Peshawar and Kabul from 1820 to 1825.  Digital copies of these manuscripts are available and the MCADD  is looking for volunteers willing to take a single manuscript journal or letter and transcribe it into typed text.  The 9th journal and parts of the 10th journal have been completed, work is underway on the 2nd and 8th journals, and the remaining journals and letters are waiting for new volunteers to join the effort.
  2. Solving the “Moorcroft Mystery”:  There are two conflicting reports as to how William Moorcroft died.  His travel partner Trebeck reported his death occurred in Andkhoi, Afghanistan in August 1825.  But two French priests, Huc and Gabet, arrived in Lhasa in 1846 and heard reports that Moorcroft had resided in Lhasa for 12 years, from approximately 1826-1838, and was then killed by bandits while returning to Leh.  Did Moorcroft fake his own death in 1825, and proceed to Yarkand and Lhasa in disguise?  It’s possible, but where’s the proof?



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