These journal volumes are available, each in their own folders.

Alpine Journal 1864-1929
Asiatic Society of Bengal 1788-1921
Bombay Geographical Society 1836-1868
Botanical Survey of India
Central Asian Review 1954-1968
Central Asian Survey
Geological Survey of India
Himalayan Journal 1929-1963
Indian Forester
Panjab Historical Society
Royal Asiatic Society Journal 1826-1908
Royal Central Asian Society Journal 1904-1962
Royal Geographical Society 1830-1954
Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum


Journals — 72 Comments

  1. 1928. The former glaciation of the East Lidar valley, Kashmir. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India, Vol. 49.
    If you can help me in getting this journal.

  2. I need the paper,Verma. B.S 1977.‘Excavations at Antichak’, Journal of the Behar Pruavid Parishad 1:192-201. Could you help me? Thanks a lot.

  3. Sir,
    In Journal, Asiatic Society of Bengal, Vol. LXI, Part-I for 1892 (published 1893), there are TWO very interesting MAPS in the Paper by Major H.G. RAVERTY on THE MIHRAN OF SIND. The Two Maps are included as PLATE-IX and PLATE-X (both after p.221). Unfortunately, these Maps are not included in the pdf Copy of the Journal.

  4. Sir,
    we have the Alpine Journal upto 1921 but the 3 indices list writings in later volumes as well. Would you be considering adding the later volumes as well?

    • Dear Anindya, you’re asking a good question. On we have the Alpine Journal volumes from 1864 (vol 1) to 1921 (vol 33) plus some indexes. Then on the Alpine Club website one can find the volumes from 1930 to the present. Thus there is a small gap from 1922 to 1929 that ought to be filled up. We have been thinking to fill this gap for a long time, but there are always other, higher priorities. So for now, please check the Alpine Club website for the more recent volumes, and I hope we can soon fill the gap you have mentioned. Regards, MCADDeditor

      • – AJ vol. 35 (1923) would be very Welcome!
        (I particularly need a paper by Tod-Mercer in the issue 227 (1923) p.152 and no library in Italy has those old volumes).
        Any plan to upload some issues past 1921?

        Thanks anyway for your effort and massive archive!

          • Hi MCADD Editor, I’d really appreciate if you could do that!
            It should be about 9-10 pages only, looking at Google’s Books “excerpts”.
            Take your time, there’s no hurry.

            “Some Scrambles on the Lactarius Mons”, by. J.L. Tod-Mercer, in JA 35, 1923, pp 152 ff.

            Thank you!

  5. In a TheHindu article namely “Askot-Arakot Abhiyan a study of changes in Uttarakhand” dated 12 July, 2014, (link:
    the article had ended with the announcement by Shree Shekhar Pathak ji, “All the participants would compile the collected data which would later appear in the journal Pahar, Mr. Pathak said.”
    So i wanted to ask the MCADD editor that where I can find this data? Was it even published to begin with?
    Thank you.

  6. I am a student of history with a keen interest in the Himalayas and people for whom it is home. All i have to say is a big thank you for this great selfless act of putting all this material at one easily accessible place. It is of tremendous value for researchers like me and i would be happy to contribute to this process if there is a possibility.

    • Central Asiatic Journal is still being published.

      Zentralasiatische Studien also has many articles in English
      Universität Bonn. Seminar für Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft Zentralasiens.
      Publisher: Wiesbaden, O. Harrassowitz.
      MOre recently published by Halle (Saale) : International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies.

  7. ཡག་པོ་ཞེ་དྲག་བྱུང་།ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ།

  8. Great work. I was looking for two article which I could not find anywhere. I logged onto your site today and found those. Thanks a lot.

  9. I was looking everywhere for an article from JASB 55 and could only find it here. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!

  10. Could you please upload the annual magazine “pahar” published by you.
    Could you please also upload the book Pathar aur Pani by Sh Netra Singh Rawat.

  11. Thank you very much for uploading valuable old references. Excellent collections for researchers and mountaineers. If possible, could you please upload old volumes of Record of The Geological Survey of India prior to 1947?

  12. What a site. Only people like you and organisations like Pahar can do that. Why don’t you think about the contemporary photos?-
    Heera Ballabh

    • We have tried to focus this site on old and out-of-date materials that are the most difficult to find and access–generally materials prior to 1947, with a few exceptions. Are there particular journals you would like to see updated? We probably can’t go to current date due to copyright restrictions, but some updating might be possible. Please advise. MCADDeditor

  13. very good work done i got idea from DD National Channel Professor Shekhar pathak was in interviw. Proffessor is very intelligent and gave great presentation. I have also constructed 100 buildings with mud and all are solar passive in Kaza Spiti himachal lot of work still need to be done to conserve ecology of himalyas by building solar passive housing only.

  14. This collection is incredible. Thanks so much for all the effort you guys have put into it.

    If you are looking for any other journal titles to add, Central Asian Review was an excellent serial published from 1953-1968. Geoffrey Wheeler, who frequently contributed to Royal Central Asian Society Journal, was the editor-in-chief.

  15. Thank you for putting up these rare, valuable and classic collections of books, journals, maps etc and specially for making it available for us. It is of great help for young researchers like us. Great collection.

  16. Thank you so much for all your hard work making these invaluable resources available! What an achievement! Congratulations!

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