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Indian Subcontinent–Pre-1899 — 9 Comments

  1. thx for fantastic resouce. Looks like “2004 Tourist Map of Ladakh and Zangskar by Hanish and Co.jpg (3.1 MiB)” is on this page but should be elsewhere?

    thx, Peter

  2. May i request you to kindly post following maps of Dehradun:
    a. DEHRA- sketch map of dehra showing changes of roads 1893.
    b. Dehradun Muncipality and Cantonment 1897.


  3. Hi again, these 2 maps appear to be corrupt:

    1896 Dros Valley by Cockerill
    1896 Routes in Eastern Hindu Kush (Chitral Yasin Punial Hunza and Nagir) by Cockerill

    thanks for fantastic website – I could spend years here!


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