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  1. please upload “Trade in Himachal Region of Himalayas” {Vijay Kumar Kaushal (Author), Kunal Sharma (Author)}

  2. Dear Madame/Sir,
    is should be very useful for my mountain story study to receive a pdf copy of the book: Clinch, Nicholas A Walk in the Sky: Climbing Hidden Peak.
    Best Regards

    Prof. Paolo Ascenzi
    Roma Tre University
    Department of Sciences
    Viale Marconi 446
    00146 Rome

  3. Really informative site. One thing I request to provide the books or article regarding the explanation of Butwol of Nepal.

  4. Kindly upload the full version of “Notes on Afghanistan and part of Baluchistan” (published in 1888), the one which has more than 700 pages.

    The scan quality of versions on Google Books and are of very poor quality and many words and pages are unreadable. Kindly upload a good scan of it.

  5. I will be very grateful if you could upload “Memory Lane to Jammu” edited by Rahmatullah Rad and Khalid Hasan.

  6. Please kindly upload the following books:

    1. B.B. Misra – The Judicial Administration of the East India Company in Bengal, 1765-1782 [1961]
    2. B.B. Misra – Government and Bureaucracy in India, 1947-1976 [1986]
    3. Firoz Khan Noon – From Memory [1996]
    4. Aparna Rao – Autonomy: Life Cycle, Gender and Status Among Himalayan Pastoralists [1998]

  7. Dear Editors

    Please check for ‘Kinnaur – Unfolding Exotic Himalayan Land’ by OC Handa (ISBN 8173872236). It seems like one of the best resource books for Kinnaur, but I am unable to find new/ used copies anywhere online!

    Thanks and regards

  8. Hello Pahad,

    Could you please upload this book?!!
    Jina, P.S., 1995. High pasturelands of Ladakh Himalaya. Indus Publishing.

    Thank you.

  9. I will like to request the following 4 books:

    1. Sandria Freitag – Collective Action and Community: Public Arenas and the Emergence of Communalism in North India [1992]
    2. Sarah F.D. Ansari – Life after partition : migration, community and strife in Sindh, 1947-1962 [2005]
    3. Ilyas Chattha – Partition and Locality: Violence, Migration, and Development in Gujranwala and Sialkot 1947-1961 [2011]
    4. Yaqoob Khan Bangash – A Princely Affair: The Accession and Integration of the Princely States of Pakistan 1947-1955 [2015]

  10. Please kindly upload the following books:

    [1988] David Gilmartin – Empire and Islam: Punjab and the Making of Pakistan
    [1988] Stephen Alan Rittenberg – Ethnicity, Nationalism, and the Pakhtuns: The Independence Movement in India’s North-West Frontier Province
    [1989] Farzana Shaikh – Community and Consensus in Islam : Muslim Representation in Colonial India, 1860-1947 [1989]
    [2002] Iffat Malik – Kashmir: Ethnic Conflict, International Dispure [2002]

  11. Hi, If possible, please upload this book. Best Regard

    The Last Two Dynasties of the Sahis : An Analysis of Their History, Archaeology, Coinage and Palaeography
    Abdur Rehman

  12. Dear Sir, please upload

    1. Jammu under the reign of Maharaja Hari Singh: A Study on Socio-economic Conditions by Surjit Singh Sooden
    2. Maharaja Hari Singh, 1895-1961 by ML Kapur
    3. Raja Ram Singh: The Forgotten Prince and His Times, 1861-1899 by Mohinder Singh

  13. Thanks a lot for your useful and valuable site. I am looking for this book: “ None but India (Bharat) The Cradle of Aryans, Sanskrit, Vedas, & Swastika” , if possible, please post it. Best Regards

  14. Great! Highly appreciable work. Many researchers and scholars are benefited from this significant work. May I request you to include ” Butterflies of Kathmandu Valley” by Bhaiya Khanal and Colin Smith (1997) which is needed by many students, researchers, and tourists visiting Nepal and others? This book is not available in the market nor does its publisher in Bangkok exist now.
    If you need my help with this work please let me know.
    Thank you very much.

    • We will do our best to find and post a copy of “Butterflies of Kathmandu Valley” but it seems to be a rare work that is not easily available. We may need your assistance. Regards, MCADDeditor

      • Finally, this book “Butterflies of Kathmandu Valley” has been uploaded with your appreciable effort. This book indeed was very essential to upload to MCADD Website. Thank you so much for this significant work.

  15. I will like to request the following 2 books:

    1. Karuna Goswamy – Kashmiri Painting: Assimilation and Diffusion : Production and Patronage
    2. Karuna Goswamy – The Glory of the Great Goddess : an illustrated manuscript from Kashmir from the Alice Boner Collection in the Museum Rietberg Zürich

    Thank you!

  16. Iam looking for a book From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet by vikram seth. Can you please upload it?

  17. Can you please upload the following books/pamphlets:

    1. [1948] Narayan Sitaram Phadke – Birth-pangs of New Kashmir [Link:
    2. [1950] Constituent Assembly for Jammu & Kashmir []
    3. [1951] Jammu & Kashmir, 1947-50 []
    4. [1952] Jammu Fights Against Separatism, Communalism and Totalitarianism []
    5. [1952] Report of the Land Compensation Committee []
    6. [1954] Jammu & Kashmir, August 53-54 []
    7. [2001] Richard Symonds – In the Margins of Independence []

    • These books and pamphlets aren’t available on Hathitrust because of copyright issues, and they are rare and difficult to find. We will try and see what we can do. MCADDeditor

  18. Do you have any idea of books having reference to the Pabbar and tons valley of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. As it remained the area which was not visited by many. Fraser account is the only one and few gazetteers after that.
    If i can have more references , than it would be really great for me.

      • Would you please manage books under Indian Subcontinent title under two groups, one for India only and the other for rest of the countries in the continent?

        This, I think will help us to open the files easily.

        It is almost impossible to open files under the title of Indian Subcontinent.

  19. Can you please please provide any or all of the following books:

    Dewan Ram Parkash – Fight for Kashmir (1948)
    J. K. Banerji – I Report on Kashmir (1948)
    White Paper on Jammu & Kashmir (1948)
    Rajbans Krishen – Kashmir and the Conspiracy against Peace (1951)
    K. Sarwar Hasan – The Kashmir Question (1966)
    Zaheer M. Quraishi – Elections & state politics of India: a case-study of Kashmir (1979)

    Thank you, will be very grateful for any kind of help.

  20. I would like to add a book request for Sitaram Johri, “Chinese invasion of Ladakh”, Himalaya Publications, 1969. (This book is a twin of “Chinese invasion of NEFA”, which is already on PAHAR.

  21. Dear MCADD Editor,

    Would it be possible to upload Theodore Riccardi Jr’s ‘A Nepali Version Vetalapancavimsati’ (American Oriental Series, 1971) or the 1968 UPenn dissertation of the same?


  22. Dear MCADD Editor
    Thank you very much for your generosity to provide so many valuable books, Articles and maps are providing wonderful services to the readers.

    Best regards

  23. Dear MCADDeditor,

    I tried to download several new books uploaded in May, all links don’t work. Is there any problem?

    Thank you!

  24. Thanks for uploading so many wonderful books. I was looking for Jami al Tawarikh by Rashid al Din Hamadani on Mongol History. Would you please upload it?

  25. Really wonderful site with precious material available here. Technology has made all this possible and your dedication has utilized this unprecedented technological capability to a good cause – spreading knowledge and information. I am a votary of “open source” of all knowledge and I thank you for your work of creating this website.

  26. Dear MCADD-Pahar team, is it possible to upload ‘East of Lo Monthang’ by Peter Matthiessen and Thomas Laird?

    Thank you in advance!

  27. Dear MCADD- Pahar Team ! Could you please upload the book – 1. Kashmir 1947 Rival Versions Of History by Prem Shankar Jha in this great web site ?

    2.Memories & reflections of a Pakistani diplomat

    By Sultan Muhammad Khan

  28. I am Farman Ali Shah, a Researcher and Government Servant (IT) by profession. By race I am Pashtoon Pathan from Pakistan. I am keen interest in the Genealogy of Pathan Pakhtun Pashtoon but on my village level. If you could provide me the Patwar Jamabandi / Shajara prepared at that time being (pre-partition) any information about land Genealogical tree of my City Peshawar (Landi Yarghajo/Arbab).
    The books already uploaded are really very very important and precious and extremely extremely rare.
    I am congratulate you for this effort.
    Farman Ali Shah
    Peshawar PAKISTAN

  29. Dear MCADD-PAHAR team,

    The following link(book) is broken.

    The Rape of Garhwal from Regmi Research 19.pdf (0.0 B)

    Could you please fix it ?

    Thank you.

  30. Would you please upload the book : Beyond Shangri-la: America and Tibet’s Move Into the Twenty-first Century
    By John Kenneth Knaus, in your great website ?

  31. Dear MCADD-PAHAR team,

    Could you please make the following book available if copyright restrictions permit:

    John Angelo Jackson, Adventure travels in the Himalaya

    Thank you.

  32. Thank you for creating this great resource. I wonder if you can upload this paper: General Sir Frank Messervy, “Kashmir.” Asiatic Review, Vol. 45, January, 1949, p. 469. (It has been cited often, but I couldn’t find it online anywhere.)

  33. Thank you for such a wonderful treasure. Can you search for ‘Himwat khanda of Skanda Puran’, and the series of books of ‘Tyas bela ko Nepal by Sardar Bhim Bahadur Pandey’?

  34. This is an incredible website and I’m amazed by the great work done by the administrators. Just wanted to leave a very thank you. You guys are wonderful. Glad to see new works being added. I had previously requested two works on Bhutan and recently both were uploaded. I’m very grateful.

  35. Sincere Thanks for making such an amazing collection. I was searching for, “Four miles High” by Josephine Scar. Can you please support on this.
    Thanks again.

  36. hi pahar team

    you seem to have 2 copies of this book
    one is half the file size of the other
    you might like to tidy

    1994 The Mirror Illuminating the Royal Genealogies–Tibetan Buddhist Historiography by Sorensen.pdf (31.7 MiB)
    1994 Tibetan Buddhist Historiography–The Mirror Illuminating the Royal Genealogies by Sorensen s.pdf (16.1 MiB)

  37. Hi,
    Thanks for your great job. This website is so helpful.
    I found the book
    “1903 Memorandum on Our Relations with Tibet both Past and Present by Younghusband (confidential advance copy) s.pdf” is 0 kb.
    Would you please to fix it ?

    Graig Skozeny

  38. Dear MCADD editor,

    Is it possible to upload “Siachen Glacier The Battle of Roses” by Harish Kapadia? I tried to buy it in paper but in vain.

    Thank you in advance!

  39. All I can say is Bravo. What you have on your site is no less than ‘Man o Salwa’ for the intellect. Kindly try and add more material as and when available. Thank you.

  40. Thank you sir for uploading such precious material on your site.

    Kindly also upload “State and Tribe in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan” by Christine Noelle.

  41. Dear MCADD Editor Team

    Thank you so much for the great job of you for the people, who have interest in studies of history, culture, politics, economics, anthropology and other broad aspects of Himalaya and peripheral area including central Asia.

    I am specially interested with your collection of Nepalese scholar Mahesh C Regmi, including Regmi Research Series. I hope it will help a lot in my studies in land economics of Nepal. I humbly request you upload a book by Regmi on Land Ownership in Nepal published in 1976 published by University of California Press.


  42. Dear sir, your services for us has been more than generous and helpful. Thank you.
    Sir you have presented material on North West Frontier politics before partition and to complete the story there is one book left:

    India, Pakistan Or Pakhtunistan?: The Nationalist Movements in the North-West Frontier Province, 1937-47 by (Ernland Jansson)

  43. Respected Sir/Madam

    Thank you very much for your store of knowledge, which provides us vast knowledge on past history of Nepal.
    I am searching the history of Nepal and Karnali region which a state linked with Tibet begore 1846 Bikram Sambat. Your bookd will give me a great insight.

  44. Thank you for this magnificent collection ,it’s really chamber full of treasures !

    I have one request, if you can upload sometime this book:

    Gommans, Jos J. L. (1995). The Rise of the Indo-Afghan Empire: C. 1710-1780. Brill.

  45. Hi, this seems to be missing:

    2004 The Kalacakra and the Patronage of Tibetan Buddhism by the Mongol Imperial Family by von der Kuijp s.pdf

    thx, Peter

  46. And there is also problem with “1909 Across the Sea of Sand–journey through Taklamakan Desert by Stein s” and Mountains of Heaven–travels in the Tian Shan mountains

  47. Dear MCADD Editior,

    Tried to download “2015 Envisioning Lhasa–17-20th Century Paintings of Tibet’s Sacred City by Arthur” but this book is mentioned only in new books, there is no link!

    Thank you again for your site – it’svery helpful for researches

  48. Hi Dear Sir
    I appreciate your contribution for making so much books and papers available to study. The availability of rare books and documents here is so useful and supportive for study. Recently I am studying Himalayan ‘Hyolmo People’ of Central Himalayan region of Nepal for my thesis. I could not find and manage to get these books and dissertation mentioned below in Kathmandu. In addition this pandemic situation has made it more difficult. I request you to add some books and dissertation in this site to make it available for people like me who are enthusiastic to study. As we are getting continuous support from your collection this time also I may get support.
    With Regards
    1) Dissertation – The Temple and Kinship among a Buddhist People of the Himalayas – by Graham Emmanuel Clarke (1980) Oxford University
    2) Landscape, Ritual and Identity among the Hyolmo of Nepal – by Davide Torri ,
    2020, Published by Taylor and Francis Ltd. Imprint: Routledge.
    3) Subject to Death: Life and Loss in a Buddhist World. June 2016, Publisher:University of Chicago Press
    I will be grateful for your contribution for these three important works of above-mentioned scholars.”

  49. Collister, Peter (1987). Bhutan and the British. London: Serindia Publications. ISBN 0906026180
    ^^ the above book by Peter Collister would greatly enhance the collection present here on Bhutanese history. If you could graciously add it, I (and surely many others) would be immensely grateful.

    Majumdar, A. B. (1984). Britain and the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Patna: Bharati Bhawan
    ^^this book by A. B. Majumdar is a bit more obscure and perhaps very hard to find. But if this could too could be added, it would amount to a complete collection on British–Bbutanese relations during the 19th century.

  50. Dear admin
    I really appreciate your hard work.
    Please upload the book mentioned below. It will be of great help.
    1. The Unification of Nepal; a study of the early Shah period from Prithvinarayan Shah to Girbana Yuddha- Stiller, L. F
    2. Nepal: Tista dheki sutlej Samma- Yogi Narahari Nath

    • When we look for “Unification of Nepal–a study of the early Shah period” by Stiller we find “The rise of the House of Gorkha; a study in the unification of Nepal, 1768-1816” by Stiller–which is in our collection. Is this the same book, perhaps with slightly different titles, or are there two different books? MCADDeditor

  51. Can you please upload these books:

    Political Transformations in Nepal: Dalit Inequality and Social Justice (2017) Dr.Mom Bishowkarma
    Varna System and Class Struggle in Nepal- Bishow Bhakta Dulal
    Shamanism and Masto Traditional Practices of Nepal
    The Ecstatic Body: Notes on Shamanism and Corporeity in Nepal
    Suitably Modern: Making Middle-Class Culture in Kathmandu

  52. Thanks for your excellent site. Could you add two superb books written in the 1970s and difficult to get now by John Keay to the Himalayas section. Men and Mountains (1977) and the Gilgit Game (1979). These were also combined in an edition called Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1830-1895.

  53. Hi pahar,

    I can’t download the book,as I open the book in my desktop it says it is blocked. Is it a temporary problem?


  54. Dear Sir,
    I am Dr. Binayak Sundas, Assistant Professor, at the Centre For Himalayan Studies, university of North bengal, India. This platform is invaluable for any scholar on the region and will be of immense help to my students. However whenever I am trying to access the books on Nepal, particularly by MC Regmi, it says traffic limit exceeded. Please help me. If a subscription is necessary I wouldn’t mind.


    • We apologize to all our viewers for some problems we have been experiencing with our website. A few viewers have been greedy and are trying to download the entire site, causing us to exceed our bandwidtch limits. We are working to solve these problems and hope to soon have the site working normally again. Thank you for your patience. MCADDeditor

      • Its pity and sorry to say ,thats our nations habit. MCADD should start Annual membership, sum of Rs 300-500 as wiki did( they humbly doing as donation ). MCADD is an excellent resource and could develope with Hiring Section also with the general section. Mark that Subscribed registration – who tried to download the whole site and Ban that / those account.

  55. First of all thanks for sharing all these fantastic book in your website.

    And I would like to request these books about the Tuyuhun state and the Qinghai branch of the Silk road:

    The T’u-yü-hun from the Northern Wei to the time of the Five Dynasties, p. XII. 1970. Gabriella Molè. Rome. Is.M.E.O.

    The Silk Roads of the Northern Tibetan Plateau During the Early Middle Ages (from the Han to Tang Dynasty): As Reconstructed from Archaeological and Written Sources. Tao Tong. British Archaeological Reports Oxford Ltd; Illustrated Edition (14 July 2013)

  56. A fantastic collection of Books n articles. I can’t imagine before I knew of it’s existence! Can you please upload book Lasha and Central Tibet by Sarat Chandra Das.

  57. Hi. Can you acquire “British Intelligence on Afghanistan and Its Frontiers, c. 1888-1946” by Anthony J. Farrington?

  58. Would you please find me a book that details like this –The Life and Times of Maharaja Juddha Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal,
    October 1996
    by Ishwari Prasad
    Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation

  59. Hi Pahar team
    typo on this author’s name under the Nepal collection
    1973 The Legend of the Great Stupa of Boudhanath trans by Bowman

    it’s Dowman


  60. Dear Pahar team
    glad to see you back up and running

    Do you have the following books;
    *Rahul 1983/1997 Royal Bhutan
    *Rahul 1984 Rise of Nepal and Bhutan
    *Mehra 1972 Bhutan; Land of the Peaceful Dragon
    *Hasrat 1971 History of Bhutan; Land of Peaceful Dragon

    Thanks in advance

  61. Can you kindly upload ‘A Little-Read Guide to the Holy Places of Nepal – Part II’ by Macdonald A.W. and Dvags-po Rin-po-che that was published in ‘Essays on the Ethnology of Nepal and South Asia, vol. II. Kathmandu’: Ratna Pustak Bhandar Publishers, 1987? It is the translation of a very old tibetan travel guide of Kathmandu. Thanks in advance.

  62. Please upload the book:
    The history of the 1st King George V’s Own Gurkha Rifles (the Malaun Regiment). Volume I 1815-1921. by Francis Loraine (F.R.) Petre

    Thank you for this wonderful Site!!

  63. Thank you very much for free download of so many valuable books specially those historical and Travel books related to Karakuram and Himalaya mountains, Pamirs, Kashmir and Central Asia.
    I was born in the Ex Princelay State of Hunza (now part of Islamic Republic of Pakistan) and I have spent my child hood at that place.
    Although I am Aviation Engineer by profession but I am deeply interested in reading of these highly valuable books.

    Thank you very much again.

  64. Dear Sir/Madam
    Please upload this book.
    Religious institutions and caste panchayats in South India / K. Gnanambal
    by Gnanambal, K., 1914-
    Calcutta : Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India, 1973 [i.e. 1976]

  65. Can you please upload Robert Huttenback’s “Kashmir and the British Raj 1847-1947” and Zaheer Hasan’s
    “The times and trial of the Rawalpindi conspiracy 1951”

  66. Dear Editor

    The book “Nepal-India-China Relations: Documents” by A.S.Bhasin is not available in Nepal and also rare in India. Can you please upload all 5 volumes of this book?

  67. 2006 Illustrated Atlas of Himalaya by Zurick & Pacheco:
    This PDF is damaaged. Only about 136 of the 271 MB gets downloaded and the PDF cannot be opened. Please check and rectify.

  68. Dear PHAR team plz will you kindly upload ” Waters of Hope ” by renown Editor and water expert of India
    B. G. Verghese and such notification may be sent to my email address
    Thank you in anticipation
    Hussain Bux Thebo
    Note:- anyone from readers who can help me to find out this book on net

  69. Dear Pahar Team,
    Can A Historical atlas of South Asia / edited by Joseph E. Schwartzberg, with the collaboration of Shiva G. Bajpai be uploaded to the database please. Many thanks for making books and journals available.

  70. HI can you add the following indian books
    kaoboys of raw, India’s External Intelligence: Secrets,weapon of peace,CALLING SEHMAT,Torpedoed at Sea,the price of loyality :samba spy,the false spy,1984: The Anti-Sikh Riots and After.

    whatever of these you can add plese.
    thank you

  71. Dear
    Can I borrow Lionel Caplan’s book “Warrior Gentleman” for few weeks?
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  72. Thanks for providing free downloading. If possible kindly make available the book entitled Lahoul-The Mysterious land by R.N. Sahni

  73. Could you please upload the following title?
    The History of Early Relations between China and Tibet From Chiu t’ang-shu, a documentary survey by Don Y Lee ?

    Many thanks !

  74. If possible, help me in finding this book.
    Final report on the assessment of the Almora District and the Hill Pattis of the Naini Tal District / by J.E. Goudge.

  75. A very remarkable initiative. Too helpful for researchers.
    Can you please upload rare Newspapers and periodicals of British Era ?

    • If you see our Journals section, we have tried to provide a wide selection of the journals dealing with our area of the world. Newspapers are more difficult, because articles on topics of our interest are so thinly spread through masses of other material. Let us finish with the books first, and then we can think of other items to add. Thanks for the interest, MCADDeditor

    • You need to get a good, strong internet connection, and then simply click on a filename to begin the download. The downloads will usually go to a download folder on your computer. MCADDeditor

      • Dear Pahar Team,
        Can A Historical atlas of South Asia / edited by Joseph E. Schwartzberg, with the collaboration of Shiva G. Bajpai be uploaded to the database please. Many thanks for making books and journals available.

  76. Dear editors,
    I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for making available all these gems. Your incredible contribution deserves sincere accolades from the researchers and readers interested in the study of the Himalayan region. Please keep it up.
    It will be really helpful if you could upload the following books:
    1. S.D. Muni (1977): An Assertive Monarchy, Chetana Publications
    2. Surya P. Subedi (2005): Dynamics of Foreign Policy and Law: A Study of Indo-Nepal Relations
    3. Shriman Narayan (1971): India and Nepal: An Exercise in Open Diplomacy
    4. S.D.Muni (1992): India and Nepal: A Changing Relationship
    5. Shree Krishna Jha (1975): Uneasy partners: India and Nepal in the post-colonial era
    6. Yadu Nath Khanal: Essays in Nepal’s Foreign Affairs
    7. Yadu Nath Khanal: Nepal between India and China; an aspect of the evolving international balance in Asia
    8. Yadu Nath Khanal: Trends in the international situation
    9. Yadu Nath Khanal: Nepal transition from isolationism
    10. Yadu Nath Khanal: Reflections on Nepal-India relations
    11. Yadu Nath Khanal: Stray thoughts
    12. Yadu Nath Khanal: Nepal after Democratic Restoration
    13. Rishikesh Shaha : Nepal and the World
    14. Rishikesh Shaha : Essays in the practice of government in Nepal
    15. Rishikesh Shaha : Nepal’s foreign policy
    16. Rishikesh Shaha :Three decades and two kings ‘1960-1990’ eclipse of Nepal’s party less monarchic rule
    17. Rishikesh Shaha :Heroes and builders of Nepal
    18. Rishikesh Shaha : New directions in Nepal-India relations
    19. Rishikesh Shaha : Modern Nepal: a political history 1769-1955
    20. Rishikesh Shaha : An introduction to Nepal
    21. Rishikesh Shaha : Nepal In Quest of Nationhood
    22. Anirudha Gupta: Politics in Nepal
    23. John Whelpton (1983): Jang Bahadur in Europe; the first Nepalese mission to the West
    24. Murlidhar Dharmadasani: Indian Diplomacy in Nepal
    25. Ludwig F Stiller: Planning for People: A Study of Nepal’s Planning Experience

    Thanks and regards

    • Adarsha, this is a long list and we have limited capacity. Most of these books will be easily available in Kathmandu bookstores, and while they may cost a few Rupees, our objective is NOT to put publishers and bookstores out of business. Rather, we are trying to make available books that are difficult to find, either locally or internationally. A few of the books on your list might qualify, but many would not. Please go through your list and prioritize those that are really difficult to find, and we will do our best on those. Thanks for your interest, MCADDeditor

      • Dear editor,
        I was wondering if these books are possible to upload:
        1. Shriman Narayan (1971): India and Nepal: An Exercise in Open Diplomacy
        2. Murlidhar Dharmadasani: Indian Diplomacy in Nepal
        3. Shree Krishna Jha (1975): Uneasy partners: India and Nepal in the post-colonial era, Manas, New Delhi.
        4. Yadu Nath Khanal: Nepal between India and China: An aspect of the evolving international balance in Asia
        5. Yadu Nath Khanal: Nepal transition from isolationism
        6. Rishikesh Shaha : New directions in Nepal-India relations
        7. Dr.Kirtyanand Singh: Small Neighbours of Big Powers: India’s attitude towards Nepal (September 1946-March 1963), Capital Publishing House.

        Thanks in advance.

      • Dear MCADD Editor,

        Could you upload books by John Whelpton about Nepal? There is only one book of him uploaded right now. But there are also:

        Jang Bahadur in Europe: The First Nepalese Mission to the West. Sahayogi Press, Kathmandu, 1983.
        Nepal. Clio Press, Santa Barbara, 1990.
        Nepal: Bibliography. 1990. (World bibliographical series)
        Nationalism and Ethnicity in a Hindu State: The Politics of Culture in Contemporary Nepal. 1996. (Studies in Anthropology and History) (With David N. Gellner)
        Nationalism and Ethnicity in a Hindu Kingdom: The Politics of Culture in Contemporary Nepal. Harwood Academic Publishers, Amsterdam, 1997. (Editor)
        People, Politics & Ideology: Democracy and Social Change in Nepal. Mandala Book Point, Kathmandu, 1999.
        A History of Nepal. University of Cambridge Press, Cambridge, 2005. ISBN 0521804701
        Celebrating 50 Years of VSO in Nepal. 2014. (With Anne Seymour)

      • Rightly said, editor , MCADD . Those Book published in last fifty years , may have problem with copyright. But Your effort is fantastic. could you upload early europian illustrator / painter’s books? Specially Thomas Daniell.

  77. Thanks for uploading “The Newars” by Gopal Singh Nepali. FOr March please upload “Mesocosm Hinduism and the Organization of a Traditional Newar City in Nepal” by Robert I. Levy.

  78. Dear Admin!

    1.Why can’t I download The nepalese chaitya 1500 years of Buddhist votive architecture in ktm valley,1997?

    2. Many PDFs more than 30 mb also cannot be downloaded, why?

    • Raju, the problem is with your weak internet connection, and not our website. From a good strong connection, all of these larger size documents can be downloaded without any problem. Regards, MCADDeditor

  79. Please recheck the files with the names containing ? and +.
    1951? Survey of India publications list from India Office Records s.pdf
    1941+ Plants of Mussoorie by Stewart.pdf
    1984 How did they Die? by Steward from Taxon v33 s.pdf

    They are all missing (404 Page not found); I reckon error in uploading those files as certain symbols are not allowed to be used in filenames.

    Also I guess, double inverted commas (“) in the filename truncates all the text after that…
    The file-
    1879 The “Chos” of Hoshiarpur by Baden-Powell.pdf
    -is converted to only- 1879 The [without any file format (no .pdf at the end)]

    [We can use single inverted comma instead]


  80. Dear editor,

    The link for both volumes of the 2007 book ‘Rulers on the Celestial Plain: Ecclesiastic and Secular Hegemony in Medieval Tibet’ under the folder ‘Tibet and China’ expired. I’d be very grateful if you could update the webpages.

    Many thanks for sharing these resources!


  81. Dear PAHAR team

    Do you have “History of Bhutan by Slobdpon Padma Tshedwang.” apparently it was reprinted in 2004 but I don’t know the first date of publishing. The original in dzongkha was printed in 1994. So somewhere in between


  82. Dear Webmaster,
    I shall be highly obliged if u can upload the books of Sh Sukhdev Singh Charak’s books on Jammu (Pahari style of Indian murals; History & culture of Himalayan states)

  83. Thank you very much for the exclient archives. i really need the tributery system between Hunza and China. Further more I wiil be greatfull if transllation of the hiostory of T’ang Empire of China.

  84. Dear admin hope you are good. You have done great service to people. I want to download the data. But i m unable, apparently it seems there is a technical fault on either side kindly guide me to download these precious books.
    Fazal ur Rehman student of history and Politics.

    • Fazal, we are happy to see your interest in historical books. The download process is very simple. Once you have found a book or other file you would like to download, just “click” on it in the list of available books (or journals, maps … etc.) It will take 10 or 15 seconds for the download to start, so be patient. Once the download starts there is usually a notification at the bottom of your browser indicating a download is in process. The time to download will vary based on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection. Once the download is complete you will find it in your download folder, and in most browsers it will open automatically on your screen. Enjoy your reading, MCADDeditor

  85. Sir, Can you arrange the book “Uttarakhand Ka Itihas Volumes” by the great historian Dr Shiv Prasad Dabral. I genuinely need the books. I can pay any genuine price for them. Through some known sources I came across your website and most of the people told me that the only person that can arrange these books is Mr Pathak Sir of Pahad organisation.
    Hoping for a positive response from your side.

    Anoop Aswal

  86. Ok forget what I’ve just sent it finally works !

    I do have another request for your great team.
    Could you upload from the same author (Ulrich von Schroeder): Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet (2 Volumes) Volume 1: India and Nepal Volume 2: Tibet and China, which was published in 2001 ?
    That would be great !

    Thank you and have a very nice day.

  87. Hi Dear! can you please upload ” None but India (Bharat) the Cradle of Aryans, Sanskrit, Vedas, & Swastika: Aryan Invasion of India’ and ‘Ie Family of Languages’Re-Examined and Rebutted
    by Motwani Ph.D, Jagat K.” if possible.thank you.

  88. Dear Editor,
    I was wondering if you could make available the following booklet, which is a well-known but difficult to find catalogue of government archives in Nepal:

    “His Majesty’s Government, Ministry of Defence, Royal Nepal Army Headquarters and His Majesty’s Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Record Section)” by Dr. Shaphalya Amatya, published in July 1988, by the National Archives as part of the Source Manual Series 2.


  89. Could you please arrang the following books:
    Ali. Mohammed. Book: Afghanistan : the War of Independence, 1919. Publisher: Kabul : [s.n.], 1960.

    2.Barrow, E.G. Gazetteer of the eastern Hindú Kush.Simla, Government Central Press, 1888, 1887.

    3.Barrow, E.G. A Confidential Gazetteer of Dardistan and Kafiristan, Calcutta 1885.

    4.Chakravarty, Suhash. From Khyber to Oxus: a study in imperial expansion. New Delhi : Orient Longman. 1976.

    5. Davies, Cuthbert Collin. The problem of the North-west frontier, 1890-1908, with a survey of policy since 1849. Curzon Press, 1975

    6. Dor, Remy and Naumann, Clas M. (1978): Die Kirghisen des afghanischen Pamir. Graz.

    7. Gablenz. Carl August. D-ANOY bezwingt den Pamir: ein abenteuerlicher deutscher forschungsflug. G. Stalling, 1937

    8. Iloliev, Abdulmamad The IsmaÝili-Sufi sage of Pamir: Mubarak-i Wakhani and the
    Esoteric Tradition of the Pamiri Muslims, New York: Cambria Press. 2008.

    9. Искандаров. Восточная Бухара — Искандаров Б. И. Восточная Бухара и Памир во второй половине XIX в. Ч. 1—2. Душ., 1962—1963.

    10. Kreutzmann, Hermann. Ethnizitat im Entwicklungs prozeB: die Wakhi in Hochasien. XV und 488 S., 57 Abb., Dietrich Reimer Verlag, Berlin 1996.

    11. Lorimer, David L. R. and Irmtraud Muller-Stellrecht. Materialien zur Ethnographie von Dardistan: (Pakistan): aus den nachgelassenen Aufzeichnungen. Graz: Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1979.

    12. Müller-Stellrecht , Irmtraud. Hunza and China (1761-1891) : 130 years of a relationship and its importance for the economic and political development of Hunza in the 18th and 19th centuries .1978. VII, 139 p. ISBN 3-51502799-8
    13. Ramm, Agatha. The Gladstone-Granville Correspondence. Cambridge University Press, 1998
    14. Schomberg. Unknown karakoram. London. 1936.

    15. Shahrani, M. N. M. The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers and War. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002,

  90. Hi Pahar team
    Do you have Dr Tiwari’s The Brick and the Bull?
    I think it’s no longer in print….

    (I think someone else already asked for his Tiered Temples of Nepal)

    thanks in advance

  91. I am umar ali and studying archaeology.and i need some books of basic archaeology and as well as anthropology like physical anthropology, so i left my email below please help me to provide me such books. Thanks

  92. Hi pahar team
    i think Stūpa and Its Technology: A Tibeto-Buddhist Perspective is accidentally filed under 1966 instead o 1996

  93. sir,
    please upload the following tittle-The District Gazetteers of British India:A Bibliography
    Yours Truely

  94. Book Request:
    Dear Admin, if possible could you please upload the following books?
    1: Building today in a historical context: Bhaktapur, Nepal by Giovanni Scheibler
    2: Bhaktapur – a town changing : process influenced by Bhaktapur development project by Ane Haaland
    3: Experiences in Preservation and Restoration in a Medieval Town by Yogeshwar K. Parajuli

    Many thanks for the available resources. Will be waiting for your reply.

  95. Butterflies of Indian Region published in 1957, Published by Bombay Natural History Society and written by Wynter and Blyth is missing.

  96. Hi Pahar team
    Any chance of getting either of these?

    Vajradhara in Human Form: The Life and Times of Ngor chen Kun dga’ bzang po
    von Jörg Heimbel
    (of Lo Manthang fame, Nepal)

    Himalayan Hermitess: The Life of a Tibetan Buddhist Nun
    Kurtis R. Schaeffer
    (about ani Orgyan Chokyi of Dolpo, Nepal)


  97. Could anyone upload:
    Tournament of Shadows
    The Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia
    by Karl E. Meyer, Shareen Blair Brysac
    Thanks and Warm Regards,

  98. The links seems to be broken for this book.

    When Men and Mountains Meet: The Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1820-75 by John Keay.

    Can you please fix the same?

    • Prashant, the link to “1977 When Men and Mountains Meet: the explorers of the Western Himalayas 1820-75” works fine for us. When you are unable to make a download the problem is usually a slow and unreliable internet connection. MCADDeditor

  99. Hi again!

    Is it possible to upload a book “Death on the Chang Tang: Tibet, 1950” by Bessac, Frank Bagnall ; Susanne Leppmann Bessac ; Joan Orielle Bessac Steelquist?

    Thank you!

  100. Could you please upload the following books
    1. Tourism in Nepal: A Profile by Yajna Raj Satyal, Adroit Publishers
    2. Tourism Monograph of Nepal by Yajna Raj Satyal, Adroit Publishers, Delhi
    3. Tourism products of Nepal, NTB

  101. Thanks for uploading Documents from Rudravarna Mahavihara by Kolver.Can you please upload these books also?
    1. Nepalese Architecture by N.R. Banerjee
    2. Images of Nepal by Krishna Deva
    3. Tiered Temples of Nepal by Sudarshan Raj Tiwari
    4. The divine play of Lord Krishna: A Krishnalīlā painting from Nepal edited by Lienhard

  102. Thank you very much for great collection! Could you upload a book “Nepal after the revolution of 1950” by Kaisher Bahadur K. C? It was published in 1976.

    Thank you in advance!

  103. can you please upload British Fauna of India – Coleoptera Lamellicornia Cetoniinae, Dynastinae and British Fauna of India – Coleoptera Lamellicornia Cetoniinae, Dynastinae Euchirinae 1917. Thank you

  104. Its always a pleasure visiting this site. Thank you once again.
    Ps : A section on Sikkim could be of great help

    • For our own convenience we have lumped Sikkim in with the rest of the entire Indian Subcontinent. But if you enter “Sikkim” into the search bar, it will give you a list of all the titles that include the word “Sikkim”. Then from there you can pick any items on Sikkim that interest you. But be sure to also try the other spellings, like “Sikhim”, that have been used over the centuries. Regards, MCADDeditor

  105. Hello Admin,
    Would you please upload
    1. Nepali Aama: Life lessons on the Himalayan woman by Broughton Coburn, 1982 AD
    2. Aama in America: A pilgrimage of the Heart by Broughton Coburn, 1995 AD

  106. You have done a great service by providing us free download facility of invaluable books- that are out of print or not available in our market. This is also great because it helps in the creation and expansion of knowledge worldwide. I was looking for a book – The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet (Modern War Studies)
    by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison, but I could not find. Can you help us in downloading this book?

  107. Hi, Thanks for the amazing contributions and collections, I was wondering if you have following book
    Architecture of the Newars: A History of Building Typologies and Details in Nepal by Niels Gutschow (Author)

    • Dude, i already asked them and apparently the book is too expensive (>450$) also the book is recently published so respecting the author’s works plus not to get into any copyright issue.. they denied me.. but yes.. that book is great! 🙂 i hope one day i will earn enough to buy that book myself. lol!

  108. Hi

    Please can you share “Indian Architecture (Buddhist and Hindu Period)” Percy Brown
    Thanks in advance

    fab site, dunno what I would do without it

    • Hi again pahar team.
      i’m looking for this one again.
      any chance it can be shared, or know where i can find a hard copy in ktm?

  109. Could you please upload Forests of Nepal: J. D. A Stainton (1972) and Orchids of Nepal Himalaya
    by M.L. Banerji And Prabha Pradhan (1984)

    • Dear editor,
      Thank you for uploading above mentioned books. There are two versions for ‘Orchids of Nepal Himalaya’ one which is now uploaded and only written by M.L. Benerji and published by Bishen Singh Mandra Pal Singh in 1982 (134pp+index). Next book is written by M.L. Banerji And Prabha Pradhan (1984)with the same book Title ‘Orchids of Nepal Himalaya’ and published by Hirschberg: Cramer, 1984 with 528pp+ index. I hope it will be clear for you and expect next book in your webpage soon.

      • Dear Editor,
        Thank you very much for uploading requested books. I request you to upload some more related to plants in Nepal. They are as below:
        Ohba H, Akiyama S (1992) The alpine flora of the Ialjale Himal, East Nepal. The University
        Museum, The University of Tokyo, Nature and Culture No.4, 83 pp
        Ohba H, Ikeda H (1999) A contribution to the flora of Ganesh Himal, Central Nepal. The
        University Museum, The University of Tokyo, Nature and Culture No 5, 84 pp
        Ohba H, Ikeda H (2000) The flora ofHinku and Hunku Valleys, East Nepal. The University
        Museum, The University of Tokyo, Nature and Culture No.6, 272 pp
        Hara, Hiroshi (1971 but reprinted in 2008 by Bishen Singh Mahendra Singh) The flora of Eastern Himalaya. Bishen Singh Mahendra Singh

  110. Hello,
    I have been trying to download some of the materials from this amazing website. For a quick example, I have been trying to download ‘The Assamese- Religion Caste and Sect in an Indian Village’ by Audrey Cantille. It is showing available. But I am not being able to view or download the file.
    Is there something I am missing. I have faced the same issue quite frequently with other books too, lately.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Jahnu, you probably need to find a stronger and faster internet connection on which to try your downloads. Our files are relatively large, and there are sometimes problems with weak and slow connections. We hope that would help, as the site itself is working normally. MCADDeditor

  111. I downloaded some books on Nepalese art and Buddhism. But they are not opened. It is said that it is wrong PDF format!
    Why is happening such? Is it my problem?

  112. Please upload following books –
    Nepalese temples by Ronald Bernier
    Nepalese Pagoda by Ronald Bernier
    Newar Art by A.W. Macdonald and Anne Vergati Stahl
    The coinage of Nepal by N. G. rhodes

  113. Thank you for this incredible collection of books! I found books I was looking for and so many others I didn’t even know about. If you can find a copy, please share Joseph’s Rock’s articles for the National Geographic too: “The Glories of the Minya Konka,” “Konka Risumgongba, Holy Mountain of the Outlaws”

  114. Dear Admin,

    Could you please add books:
    1. Heritage Sites of Nepal in World Heritage List
    2. Hindu Temples in Nepal: Muktinath, Pashupatinath Temple, Bajrayogini Temple, Shree Pashupatinath, Kasthamandap, Changu Narayan, Janaki Mandir

    Thanks in advance!

  115. Hi. There is no reaction when I click link
    “1928 Three Tibetan Mysteries–as performed in Tibetan Monasteries translated by Woolf s.pdf”
    Is it possible to see this book?

    • The link to this book is functioning normally. To download this book, simply click on the listing in Books and Articles/Tibet and China, wait about 30 seconds, and the download will begin. MCADDeditor

  116. Hello, Could you please upload the book Petrology of the Makalu Massif Nepal Himalayas by Palivcová, M., Kalvoda, J. and Minarik, L., 1982.

  117. Please upload replacement for corrupted PDF of 1921 Photographs of Kashmir Monuments and Antiquities with Titles and Explanatory Notes by Kak

  118. Respected team, i am thankful to you for providing precious material to the readers especially to the lovers of history. you are requested, kindly upload the following books as soon as u can because these books are costly and hardly available in the market….
    1. The politics of india since independence by Pual Brass
    2.Freedom at midnight

  119. Dear Sir, kindly share the book link of Kafirs And Glaciers : R C F Schomberg please

    bundle of thanks in advance



  120. Is it possible to digitise and produce a soft copy of: Kandahar Newsletters for the Year 1883, vol. 1 (Quetta: Directorate of Achieves Department, Government of Balochistan, 1990) and Kandahar Newsletters for the Year 1883-1905 (a set of ten volumes)?

  121. Wonderful!
    I had checked various sites to find some historical documents on Nepal but never found, I am so happy to get them here. In addition, I found downloading process was very simple and fast. You have done a great job.

    Great site!
    Hariom Shrestha

  122. Dear Sir, Could you please upload the following books:
    1: Bibliotheca Himalayica Series
    2: Architecure of Newars series by Neils Gutschow
    3: The portals of Newar Architecture by Neils Gutschow.
    4: The Traditional Newar Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley : The Stupas and the Chaityas by Wolfgang Korn
    5: Traditional Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley, Bibliotheca Himalayica (Series III, Vol. 11) by Wolfgang Korn
    6: Traditional Newar Architecture of The Kathmandu Valley : The Shikaras by Wolfgang Korn
    Being a student these books are too expensive to afford. I would be very much grateful if you could manage to upload them. Thanking You!

  123. Finally I found great resource online. You did a great job archiving earliest accounts of history.

    Well done. Thanks for free sharing.

    • Dear sir, I am awfully surprised to see such a site where books of my interest are easily available. Thanks to the management for taking such an arduous step. Actually I was looking for some books on Bhutan by Nari Rustomji, ICS officer. I read his book sometime in my early days..could not perhaps grasp the ideas or meaning etc . Now at this age , I want to read those once again to recall my those days. Bye All the best Regards.

          • You can download this book for yourself! Open the website, click on “Books” on the top bar, when it opens click on “Indian Subcontinent” to open the list of books, then scroll down to “1971” to find the book you are looking for. Click on that book in the list and it will download. There is no need to both the MCADDeditor for your book. Regards, MCADDeditor

  124. Dear Admin, Could you please upload the following books:
    1: Bibliotheca Himalayica Series
    2: Architecure of Newars series by Neils Gutschow
    3: The portals of Newar Architecture by Neils Gutschow.
    4: The Traditional Newar Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley : The Stupas and the Chaityas by Wolfgang Korn
    5: Traditional Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley, Bibliotheca Himalayica (Series III, Vol. 11) by Wolfgang Korn
    6: Traditional Newar Architecture of The Kathmandu Valley : The Shikaras by Wolfgang Korn
    Being a student these books are too expensive to afford. I would be very much grateful if you could manage to upload them. Thanking You!

  125. Brother, you did great job! thank you very much. I am a student and no money to buy books but you are my helper. Thank you!

  126. Dear Admin,
    It is a very wonderful initiative I really appreciate the effort. The collection of rare books and maps are a treasure trove . I will definitely recommend this site to others. May i suggest if you could kindly add some books on Sikkim.

  127. Dear Admin,
    Thank you very much for providing us with such a wonderful books collection. I am looking for a book called “Nepali Language: Its History and Development” – Dayanand Srivastava 1962 AD, would you please upload it. Regards.

  128. Dear editors,
    Could you please upload Nepal Past and Present: Proceedings of the French-German Conference, edited by Gerard Toffin?
    Thank you for your invaluable contribution.

  129. Please check this book link.
    1931 Diary of Pilgrimage to Lake Manasarowar and Mount Kailas with Maharaja of Mysore by Rangachar s

    I am not able to open in Adobe acrobat reader, the file seems to be corrupted.
    Thank you.

  130. Please upload Spring flora of sikkim Himalaya by HARA, Hiroshi, TUYAMA, Takasi, MURATA, Gen, KANAI, Hiroo, TOGASHI, Makoto

  131. Dear editors, thank you for your contribution! Could you please upload ‘Italian Missionaries in Tibet and Nepal’, edited by Luciano Petech?
    Many thanks,

  132. Dear Sir/madam good evening
    With due respect , I would like to request you to please look for the below listed book .
    the name of book is1)Sacred complex of kashi : A microcosm of indian civilization Name of writer is Lalita prasad vidyarthi
    Makhan jha and baidyanath sarswoti
    publisher name is : concept publishing company , 1979
    319 pages
    Similarly 2) sacred complex in Hindu gaya Writer name: lalitA vidyarthi publisher name is : concept publishing company , 1978 232 pages
    As well as ,
    3) the Sacred complex in janakpur: indological,sociological,anthropological and philosophical study of Hindu civilization Name of writer : Makhan Jha
    Publication: united publisher ,1972
    Page length : 152
    4)Name of book : aspect of a great traditional city in Nepal: an anthropology appraisal Name of writer : Makhan Jha Publication: Kishor vidya niketan,1978 Page :188 page. I am searching this book for my research .

  133. Dear admin,
    Is it possible for you to upload “Journals of T. Machell, travels in Hindoostan, the Punjab, Scinde and Kashmir, 1855-56”? I will be eternally grateful. Thank you.

    • Journals of T. Machell seem to be manuscripts at the British Library. “Travels in Hindoostan” is included in Mss Eur B369/5. I couldn’t see that this has been published as a book.

  134. The book: 1983 4 Villages — Architecture in Nepal by Blair s.pdf (32.3 MiB) is not working. Could you please please please re-upload it?

    • Dear editors, another request: Could you please upload The CIA’s secret war in Tibet by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison? Many thanks!

  135. Could you upload this book? Himalayan Households Tamang Demography and Domestic Processes Hardcove 1986
    by Thomas E. Fricke

  136. SIR
    Your Collection is amazing cant believe so much of rare books are available at finger tips . I am an avid reader thus got 2 Books written by Mr. B N Mullick Ex. Director IB – My Years with Nehru – Kashmir & My Years with Nehru- Chinese betrayal worth reading
    Just now downloaded Himalayan Blunder- by Brigadier J P Dalvi & Now i am looking for 2 more Books if you can Provide will be a great help
    1- The Guilty Man of 1962 War – By D R Manekkar
    2- Untold Story – Lt. Gen B M Kaul
    Awaiting for a reply

  137. Could you please add this book.

    Dobremez JF. 1976. Le Ne´pal: E´ cologie et Bioge´ographie [Ecology and
    Biogeography of Nepal]. Paris, France: Centre Nationale de la Recherche
    Scientifique (CNRS).

    Thanks in advance.

  138. Hii,

    This Site is just a blessing for me, it’s having excellent scanned copies of indian hill birds.field guide to birds of eastern himalayas, The handbook,but i can find the most important books for himalayan wildlife explorists it’s named “birds of south asia:the ripley guide vol 1&2 2012″”birds of india””A Field Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Krys Kazmierczak,

    Could you please upload this books me & my himalyan wildlife club are visiting this site regularly and recommending to others also,please give a reply if possible

      • “A Synopsis of Birds of india and pakistan” by salim ali was published around 1960,I have searched for this book its not available in online stores,it’s checklist for the birds of india and himalayas and a “birds of central himalayas” by Mierow, Dorothy was published in 1988

        If this two books are available then please upload it to site…

  139. Thank you for making all those valuable books available for download. If the admin have any books related to Birds specially from Himalayan region in electronic form, I would be thankful please. I am a educationist and birder too.
    Thank you.

    • We count 28 books with the term “birds” in the book title included in our collections. Perhaps some of these will serve your purposes. If not, please be specific about which particular book you would like. MCADDeditor

  140. Dear Admin,
    “Prehistoric Cultures in Nepal Dang-Deokhuri Dun Valleys vol 2 by Corvinus”, doesn’t seem to be working. It shows error after page 14. Any help.
    Thank you for the library of knowledge you have put here.

      • thank you very much for the reply, but I am trying to download through the links provided but every time I am getting the response that link is not working, took too much time to response, http error 504. thus I am unable to download reference/items. kindly help

  141. Dear Admin, Wonderful site!
    Some Mustang, Nepal items I’m looking for:
    Donner, Wolf, 1968. Mustang: Observations on the Trans-Himalayan part of Nepal, Kathmandu (Tribhuvan University?).
    Hagen, Toni, 1968. Report on the Geological Survey of Nepal, vol.II. Denk.Schweiz Natur. Gessellschaft 86, no.2. Zurich.
    Henss, M. 1993. Mustang: Tibetisches konigreich im hohen norden Nepals. Ulm: Fabri.

  142. Dear admin, I am a researcher and this is one of the very few sites on the internet which have helped immensely. In fact, I can say with certainty that without this site I would have missed out on so many sources and books. A big thank you for hosting so many sources on this site. Your contribution will be duly acknowledged by me.
    Sir, I am in desperate need of a book but I can’t find it anywhere around here, in India. It seems that no library in India possesses this book. I am not sure if this falls into the category of books that you upload. But if it does, I will be forever grateful if it is uploaded.
    Pierre-Etienne Will and R. Bin Wong, Nourish the People: The State Civil Granary System in China, 1652-1850, 1991.

    • If you can provide him with the book ‘nourish the people’ well and good but if you can’t pl let me know, I might be able to help

      • Sir, I will be forever in debt. It is a great relief for me to even anticipate that I might finally be able to lay my hands on this book. I have been searching for this for more than a year now.

      • Sir, have you got relatively easier access to the book – its digital copy, I mean? MCADDeditor has just responded that they might be able to provide the book but it seems they will have to work hard towards either getting possession of it or digitize it.

      • Finally a silver lining! Sir, I have waited for this book for over a year. A further wait of a few weeks isn’t a big deal for me. This book is indispensable for my research and worth the wait. I am sincerely grateful to you because I had almost lost the hope of getting possession of this book before my research period is over. I can’t thank you enough.

  143. Can You please upload the book authored by K.K Trivedi entitled, “Agra: Economic and Political Profile of a Mughal Suba 1580-1707”

  144. I am quiet new for this site but highly impressed from the abundant materials make available in the single site. Its great contribution to enrich the people who are interested to learn about this regions. This is also the soft power of outreach in global arena. Hats off<<>>> Bravos!!!!!

  145. Also Lhasa in the Seventeenth century: the capital of the Dalai Lamas, Article ‘Kashmiri Muslim in Tibet’ by Ram Rahul, Tibetan Muslims by Abdul Gani Sheikh.

  146. Thanks a lot for uploading such kind of sources. can you please upload ‘ISLAM AND TIBET INTERACTIONS ALONG THE MUSK ROUTES’.

  147. Thank you for this rich digital library which is highly beneficial to everyone who loves reading, thinking and learning.
    Shah Wali Atayee, New Zealand

  148. I am interested to read very rare book in Nepal
    Borgstrom, B.-E.
    1976: The patron and the Panca. Village ualues and panchyat democracy in Nepal.

    David Seddon, peasants and Workers in Nepal

  149. Dear Editor,

    I couldn’t find this book on web. Would you kindly look for it?

    Verardi, Giovanni and Elio Paparatti, Buddhist Caves of Jāghūrī and Qarabāgh-e Ghaznī, Afghanistan (Rome: IsIAO, 2004)

  150. Dear editors,

    Do we have following book?

    Dobremez JF. 1976. Le Ne´pal: E´ cologie et Bioge´ographie [Ecology and
    Biogeography of Nepal]. Paris, France: Centre Nationale de la Recherche
    Scientifique (CNRS).
    Thanks in advance.

  151. Thanks a lot for your hard work and sharing these wonderful sources. Following books are needed If you could upload them.

    State and Tribe in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir Dost …
    By Christine Noelle

    Central Asia–foundations of Change
    R. D. McChesney

    Waqf in Central Asia: Four Hundred Years in the History of a Muslim Shrine …
    By R. D. McChesney

  152. Its really great.
    All the browsing user of this site will be gratitude forever for your superb work.
    I am searing about a book written or translated in Hindi on SahastraTal(a high altitude Himalayan lake in Bhilangana valley,Garhwal Himalaya,) but don’t remember the name.
    Can you help me to find that book.

  153. Thanks a lot for providing with the books so fast! Can you also find ‘A History of the 4th Prince of Wales’ Own Gurkha Rifles 1857-1937 by MacDonnel & Macaulay Edinburgh: Black Wood & Sons. 1940.
    With regards,
    A. Atreya

  154. You have wonderful site. A thank you is too small for it! Can you please add The Indian Corps in France / by J. W. B. Merewether and Frederick Smith published in 1919. It will be great!
    Warm regards,

  155. Hello, dear Editors!
    Thank you very much for your work!

    Can you upload this book (if possible):
    Handbook of the Afghan Army, General Staff, India, Delhi: Government of India Press, 1927


  156. Dear Sirs,
    Today I perused your site. It is very very useful. I have been able to locate some books of Kullu and Western Himalaya. However I have not noticed Trans-Himalaya by Sven Hedin. Would it be possible for your to upload 4 Vols. of Trans-Himalaya. Thanks

  157. Hi,
    Many thanks for providing knowledge repository of the Himalayan region. Can I ask to add the followings if possible.

    Democracy, Competition and Choice: Emerging Local Self-Government in Nepal by John Martinussen
    and books of Lok Raj Baral on Nepal, and Prem Raman Uprety
    Patron and the Panca – 1 Jun 1980 by B. Borgstrom

  158. Hi MCADD editors, thank you for your immense help! could you upload the following titles on Nepal:
    Rishikesh Shaha’s Modern Nepal-a Political History: 1769-1955
    Louise Brown’s The Challenge to Democracy in Nepal
    Martin Hoftun, William Raeper and john Whelpton’s People, Politics and Ideology
    Ludwig Stiller’s Nepal: Growth of a Nation
    Lionel Caplan’s Warrior gentlemen: “Gurkhas” in the Western imagination
    Tony Gould’s Imperial Warriors: Britain and the Gurkhas
    Prem R. Uprety’s Nepal- a Small Nation in the Vortex of International Conflicts
    Ed. David Gellner, Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka, and John Whelpton, Nationalism and Ethnicity in a Hindu Kingdom

    Thank you so much for this. Your resource has been on extremely great help!

    Thank you!

  159. I am new to this site but its quite impressive. Please help me with these articles i have been searching for so long,
    1. Stewart, J.L. (1869) Notes of a botanical tour in Ladakh or western Tibet. Trans. Bot. Soc. Edinb., 10:207-239.
    2. Kachroo.P; Sapru, B.L. and Dhar, U. (1977) Flora of Ladakh. Dehra Dun, Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh

    Looking forward.

    • Dear Padma, I do have a pdf copy of Stewart’s ‘Notes of a Botanical tour in Ladakh or Western Tibet. ‘ on file (as well as some of his other works). I think I found it originally on Google Books, or; but sadly, I can’t find the original link anymore!
      If you have any problems finding a downloadable copy, then let me know, and I can email or ftp a copy to you.
      Best Wishes, Hugh Rayner

    • The Stewart, J.L. (1869) Notes of a botanical tour in Ladakh or Western Tibet is already available on our site as “1870 Notes of Botanical Tour in Ladakh or Western Tibet by Stewart” in the Books and Articles / Indian Subcontinent section. You can search for all the items by Stewart by entering the word Stewart in the search bar. Regards, MCADDeditor

  160. Dear MCADD editors,
    Would you be able to upload the following book:
    A Study of Recent Nepalese Politics by Bhola Chatterji (1967)?

    • Sorry, could not add this to earlier comment. Could you please upload B.P. Koirala: A Revolutionary (1990) and Palace, People and Politics: Nepal in Perspective (1980) by the same author [Bhola Chatterji]? Thanks,

  161. Hi do you have this book? If not can you help to get it.

    Author: Shekhar Pathak, Uma Bhatt
    Year Of Publication: 2007
    Book Type: Hindi Book
    No. Of Pages: 636
    Availability Status: PDF available, Print Copy Available
    ISBN: 81-86246-31-2, 81-86246-32-0, 81-86246-33-9, 81-86246-34-7

    • You don’t mention the name of the book but we think you are looking for “Asia Ki Peeth Pur” by Shekhar Pathak and Uma Bhatt. The book is still in print and available for sale so we have not posted a pdf file on our site. Please check the Indian book stores. MCADDeditor

  162. Any books related to explorer Nain Singh Rawat?
    There are many diaries and also Hindi book “Asia Ki Peeth par”

    • When we entered the word “Nain” in our search box we found 9 items related to Nain Singh. Please check for these yourself, and also try other search terms like “Rawat”. MCADDeditor

  163. Thanks so much for sharing these valuable sources.

    A book I come across is: C. P. Skrine and Pamela Nightingale. Macartney at Kashgar, New Light on British, Chinese and Russian Activities in Sinkiang, 1890-1918. (1973)
    Might be an interest to you.

  164. Hello, thank you for your work, so much appreciated! I am looking for some book on the masks of Himalaya, have you something planned that could help? Anyway,thanks

  165. thanks this site. ı can’t find mcgovern’s early empires of central asia book cuz i am in turkey. if you upload this book i am ver very happy. have a nice day

  166. Hello, thank you for your work! Any chance that the “Indo-Tibetica” by Tucci will be completed in the future? Best regards

  167. Hello! Thank you very much for such work!

    Could you upload a book by Mikel Dunham “Buddha’s Warriors”?

  168. Dear sir,
    The following books are very important for Himalaya studies. Could you upload them?
    1. Dagmar Bernstorff, Hubertus von Welck (eds.).2003. Exile as Challenge: The Tibetan Diaspora.
    2. Mumford, S. R. 1990. Himalayan Dialogue: Tibetan Lamas and Gurung Shamans in Nepal. Kathmandu: Tiwari’s Pilgrims Book House.
    3. Aziz, B. N. (2001). Heir to a Silent Song: Two Rebel Women of Nepal. Kathmandu, Center for Nepal and Asian Studies.
    4. Campbell, B. (2013). Living between Juniper and Palm : Nature, Culture, and Power in the Himalayas, Section 2 Shifting Paradigms in Conservation and Anthropology Pp.41-80. New Delhi ; Oxford, Oxford University Press.
    5. J. Smadja and B. Sellers. 2009. Reading Himalayan Landscapes Over Time : Environmental Perception, Knowledge, and Practice in Nepal and Ladakh. Pondicherry Villejuif, Institut français de Pondichéry. Centre national de la recherche scientifique

  169. Hello, thanks for this fantastic resource. Just a couple of questions: is it possible to request the following article?

    -Waddell, L. A., 1912, ‘The “Dharāṇī” Cult in Buddhism, its Origin, deified Literature and Images’, Ostasiatische Zeitschrift, Vol. I, No. 2, pp. 155-195.

    Also, how can we contribute texts for this project? I have a few scans of rare books and articles related to the subjects this database covers and would like to make a contribution.

    Many thanks!

  170. I noticed some years back the presence here of the ‘Final report on Afghanistan by Fakir Saiyid Iftikhar-ud-Din, British Agent at Kabul, 1907-1910’ which has been immensely useful in my personal research on Afghanistan.

    I have for some time been attempting to gain access to the ‘Final report on Afghanistan by Malik Talib Mehdi Khan, British Agent at Kabul, 1910-1913’, but to no avail. I would be extremely grateful, should you have access to it, if you could make it available here. Like all those who have come here and kept coming back, I thank you for providing us with this tremendously useful (and necessary) resource.

    • Thank you for pointing out the existence of the “Final Report on Afghanistan by Malik Talib Mehdi Khan, British Agent at Kabul, 1910-13”. We will do our best to find a copy, but it looks difficult. The 1910 Final Report was found in the British Library, but it is in the BL due to an unlikely circumstance. The 1910 Final Report, plus 45 other rare, secret and confidential volumes were discarded in the 1960s from the Quartermaster General’s Intelligence Branch Library in London. Prof. Garry Alder (“Beyond Bokhara”; “British India’s Northern Frontier 1865-1895”) found a man selling these discarded volumes from a pushcart near the Vauxhall Bridge in London, and bought up the whole lot. Many years later, after retirement, Garry donated these volumes to the British Library, where in many cases they are now the only available copy! Unfortunately, the BL catalogue does not show the Final Report for 1910-13, and it wasn’t included in the lot of 46 volumes that Garry purchased. Regards, MCADDeditor

  171. I am very much grateful to this site for making the valuable documents, books and journals online. I would like to request the admin to please upload ‘My Experiences in Manipur’ 1896. Thank you

  172. Awesome collection

    Plz upload books on Khudai khidmatgar movement
    And Gazzetters on districts particularly Gazzetter on NWFP and Dera Ismail Khan

    • Reguests for general topics, such as Aziz has given, are not very helpful to us. Instead, we need the full name, author and date of publication of specific books or articles that readers would like to see included in our site. Please provide details of specific books, not general topics. Thanks, MCADDeditor

  173. gujrat states books like rasmala,solanki vansh,vaghela vansh,british kal,architecture of gujrat,Riyasat of gujrat are very important plz add this list.

  174. I would like to thank all the people behind this priceless website. You are doing a wonderful work, congrats. Do you take donations? How are you sustaining this website?

  175. Dear Pahar Team,
    I was just wondering whether you could make available of ‘The Political Development in Nepal 1950-70 Conflict Between Tradition and Modernity written by R.S. Chauhan. Published by Associated Publishing in 1971.

  176. Dear team I like to thank and showing my heartiest Gratitude’s to you, here I got two books totally free which was hard to find u r doing good job n spreading knowledge which is priceless

  177. Really Sir You are doing an incredible job for the book readers and history Lovers. I Appreciate your efforts. Sir If please arrange Ain-e- Akbaree by H.Balochmann Vol-1 Volumes II and III by H.S Jarret and N.H Sarkar. I will be much thankful for that to you.

  178. Dear Admin,
    The site is truly great. A lot of precious books r available for free of cost. thanks for keeping up this great website, it has helped me a lot. Can you make available “Looking back” Mehr chand Mahajan. I M desperately looking for the book. Thanks a lot.

  179. Dear Editor/Admin, Thank you so much. I got a lot of books related to my research from this website. Its like i found a living treasure. Ill be very thankful if the folliwing books can be uploaded too. Thank you once again. The books are …1. E.W. Brown, The Whole World kin, 1890. 2. A.C. Bowers, Under Headhunters’ Eyes. Judson press, Philadelphia. 3. Narola Rivenburg (ed), The star of the Naga Hills : Letters from Rev. Sidney and Hattie Rivenburg. 4. American Baptist Missionary Magazine.

  180. I found books very helpful. Can you upload all proceedings of ‘Indian Historical Records Commission’? There are around 40 volumes. They have tons of information.

    • It appears the proceedings of the Indian Historical Records Commission dating from 1920 to 1948 are already online at . Because the remaining proceedings will deal with historical records of all types, and records related to the MCADD geographical area of interest will be a very small fraction of the whole, we think the MCADD would be ill advised to spend the time and effort required to make these proceedings available. MCADDeditor

      • Dear Editor,
        Thank you for response and suggestion. Southasiaarchive has restricted access. The records are available in Digital library of India However vol 34 published in 1958 is missing, that has historical details on Nepal.

  181. thanks for your wonderful work.can you please add some books on the history of the hazara hindko speaking people in Pakistan or a history of the region that includes abbotabad, haripur, etc.

      • Please Upload any book on India and central Asia historical, political and economic relations since ancient period. also India and Central Asia Republics: Classical to contemporary written by Roy , J.N . Kumar, B.B.

        2. India and Central Asia written by X. Liu

  182. Can’t thank you enough for making freely available all the historically valuable books. I couldn’t download the book “Karakoram in Transition: Culture, Development and Ecology in the Hunza Valley”. Kindly recheck and make it available if possible.

    Thanks again.

  183. Dear Admin, Hope you can upload the following titles:
    History and culture of Himalayan Gujjars, by A. N. Bharadwaj, 1994
    Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir, Kulbhushan Warikoo, 1999, 1999
    Textiles, Costumes, and Ornaments of the Western Himalaya,Omacanda Haṇḍa,1998
    History of Kashmir, by Haidar Malik Chadurah,Translated by Raja Bano, 1991
    Central Himalayan Folklore: Folk Songs in the Rituals of the Life-Cycle,Helle Primdahl
    Rajatarangini of Jonaraja, Translated into English by Jogesh Chunder Dutt
    Bhatta Prajya and Shuka: Rajavalipataka. Translated by Jogesh Chunder Dutt
    Tarikhi-i-Kashmir of Pir Hassan Shah. Translated by Jogesh Chunder Dutt
    Ocean of life: visions of India and the Himalayan kingdoms, Marilyn Silverstone,1985
    Tribal Migration in Himalayan Frontiers: Study of Gujjar Bakarwal Transhumance Economy,Ram Parshad Khatana,1992
    The Splendour of Himalayan Art and Culture,Asoka Jeratha,1995

    • Kings Of Kashmira: A Translation of the Sanskrita Work Rajataranggini of kahlana Pandita, Jonaraja, Shrivara, and of Prajyabhatta & Shuka by Jogesh Chunder Dutt

    • Tibetan manuscripts and inscriptions of Ladakh Himalaya, by Prem Singh Jina, 1998
      Ancient Tibet: Research Materials from the Yeshe De Project, by Yeshe De Project, 1986
      Tibetans, by Judith Kendra, 1993.
      An Annotated Bibliography of Nuristan (Kafiristan) and the Kalash Kafirs of Chitral,Schuyler Jones,1969
      Gilgit Manuscripts. Edited by Nalinaksha Dutt.
      Chilas: The City of Nanga Parvat (Dyamar), By Ahmad Hassan Dani, 198.

  184. Hello Admin, thanks for keeping up this great website, it has helped me a lot. Can you upload “Kashmiris Fight for Freedom – Muhammad Yusuf Saraf” 2 Volumes. I have been looking for this book for more than a year, but can’t find it.

    • Dear Admin, i really appreciate you for uploading the first volume. Hope you can make the second volume available as well. Thanks again.

  185. Thank you very much for your contribution to spread history knowledge. I appreciate your work

    Can you collect some books about history of southeast asia and east asia like Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand and their relationship with China, India, etc…

    • PAHAR thinks it has plenty to do in just completing the digital collection for Himalaya, Tibet and Central Asia. Perhaps you and your friends could begin work on your own digital collection of materials on Southeast Asia, and set up your own website.

  186. Dear Pahar:
    thank you for providing so good website, its very great!
    now im finding a ebook,i dont know how to find? the book is :The history of Bukhara by Narshaki, tr. by Richard N. Frye, can you find the pdf version? thanks again!

  187. Dear Pahar,

    your website is indeed a great resource !!
    There is one book I’ve been searching for many years but it’s literaly impossible to get a copy of it except reading it in a few universities in the US.
    the book is a tibetan dictionary :
    Btsan-lha Ngag-dbang-tshul-khrims, Brda dkrol gser gyi me long, Mi-rigs Dpe-skrun-khang (Beijing 1997)
    Let me know if you can get your hands on it.
    I’ve of course suscribed to your website.

    Nicolas from France

        • A copy of the Hadud al-Alam has been posted under Books and Articles/Central Asia. Thanks for pointing us to such a remarkable book. On p.92 he says, “One of the marvels of Tibet is that whoever visits it, without any reason, becomes (of) smiling (countenance) and merry heart until he leaves the country.” Such wisdom for someone writing in 982AD!
          Regards, MCADDeditor

      • Dear Sir,
        I don’t know what to say ! When I asked for this book it was like a bottle in the sea… I was certain you would not get it !
        So I want to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for this book !
        Furthermore the quality of the PDF is excellent !

        Anyway a thousands thanks to you
        May a bright future come to you !

  188. Please kindly upload, The kingdom of Ladakh, The chronicle of Ladakh, and any article or books related to Ladakh history.. Thank you very much

    • We already have 1877 Kingdom of Ladakh c 950-1842 AD by Petech. Your request for “The Chronicle of Ladakh” is an insufficient title, and does not return any particular volume. Please give the full title and author. Regards, MCADDeditor

  189. Great work and great service to the scholarship. Thank you very much and wish you a great success ahead. I wonder if you may consider adding the followings:

    1. Indo-Nepalese Relations 1816-1877 by Ramakant, 1968
    2. Foreign Policy of Nepal by S. D. Muni, 1973
    3. The Politics of Nepal: Persistence and Change in an Asian Monarchy by Leo E. Rose and Margaret W. Fisher, 1970
    4. The Politics of Bhutan by Leo E. Rose, 1977
    5. China-Nepal Relations and India by T.R. Ghoble, 1991, Deep & Deep Publications
    6. Political Relations Between India and Nepal by Kanchanmoy Mojumdar, 1973, Munshiram Manoharlal.
    7. The Gurkhas: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Feared Soldiers, by John Parker, 1999
    8. Water: Perspective, Issues, Concerns by Ramaswamy R. Iyer, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2003
    9. The Gurkha War: The Anglo-Nepalese Conflict in North East India 1814 – 1816, by H. T. Prinsep, 2007
    10. Waters of Hope: Facing New Challenges in Himalaya-Ganga Cooperation by B. G. Verghese, India Research Press, 2007
    11. Towards Water Wisdom: Limits, Justice, Harmony by Ramaswamy R. Aiyer, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2007
    12. Nepal-India Water Resources Relations: Challenges, by Dwarika Nath Dhungel and Santa B. Pun (Eds.), 2009
    13. South Asia’s Weak States: Understanding the Regional Insecurity Predicament by T. V. Paul, 2010
    14. State Making and Territory in South Asia: Lessons from the Anglo-Gorkha War (1814-1816) by Bernardo A. Michael, (Anthem Modern South Asian Series) 2012

    • We are looking for volumes 1 to 6 on your list and should have them in a few weeks. Number 9 on your list is a reprint from the 1825 History of the Political and Military Transactions in India during the administration of the Marquess of Hastings 1813-1823 vol 1 by Prinsep, and the two volumes by Prinsep on Hastings have now been added to Books and Articles/Indian Subcontinent. The other items in your request appear to be quite recent and would likely attract copyright complaints. Regards, MCADDeditor

  190. Could you please upload the book “Pathar aur Pani by Sh Netra Singh Rawat ji”. I have looking for this book with no success from last several years. I also sent an email to Sh Shekhar Pathak ji andhe promised to find this book but I am yet to hear from him

  191. HI you are doing great job . It would be great if you add this book in your collection, I could not found it anywhere. History Of Kumaun: English Version Of “Kumaun Ka Itihas” by Badari Datta Pande

  192. HI
    I can not download book
    1988 Mount Everest Massiv 3 by Jan Kielkowski in German+English.pdf (3.3 MiB)
    1988Mount Everest Massiv 2 by Jan Kielkowski in German+English.pdf (4.1 MiB)

    • Thanks for pointing out this problem. We have changed the “German+English” in the title to “German and English” and now it should work properly–just a software glitch in WordPress. MCADDeditor

  193. This is an excellent and invaluable repository on Himalayan Studies in particular.
    Please do help me by suggesting how can the following doc be downloaded
    1824 Papers Respecing the Nepaul War s.pdf (101.2 MiB)

    • To download, simply find that file in the list of Nepal Books and Articles, click on the file, and it will download. If it is a 100MB file you may need a pretty good internet connection to be able to complete the download. MCADDeditor

  194. Dear MCADD-PAHAR team,

    Thank you and congratulations for this priceless resource. May I request you to make the following books available if copyright restrictions permit?

    1. Chris Bonington, Changabang

    2. W. H. Murray, Evidence of things not seen

    3. J. Thomson, W. W. Graham, and A. H. Markham, From the equator to the pole

    Thanks again.

    • 1981 Guide to South Asian Coins is working OK, but the file is very large, 222MB, because of the large number of photos, so you will need a good internet connection to be able to download it. MCADDeditor

  195. Dear sir
    Do you have a copy of.. A Collection Of Treaties, Engagements And Sanads Vol – XII (1931). Aitchison C.U.. 1931. You have volume 1 to 11. Do you by any chance have volume 12.
    So grateful for your efforts
    Thank you

  196. dear editor
    i am extremely happy to come across such a valuable site, where one can find rare old books. i am very thankful to your site for making all these rare books available to us. Here i am looking for one more book and if you could please upload it as i have been looking for it since long time and unfortunately i could not get it. Here is the name of book…..THE MYTH OF SHANGRI-LA. TIBET, TRAVEL WRITING AND THE WESTERNER CREATION OF THE SACRED LANDSCAPE, BY Peter Bishop, London: The Athlone Press,1989.

    Thank You in anticipation

  197. Asalamu Alaikum
    I am Dr. Younus, from Kashmir, having Ph.D on Central Asia, looking for Pdf on Central Asian studies. I shall be oblidged if you can help me out there.

  198. Wonderful collection. I would appreciate more books on Ladakh, such those works by A. H. Francke, Joseph Gergan, Andrade, etc.

  199. the site should be named as Indo-Pa subcontinent and not Indian subcontinent. Or it should also have a folder for Pakistan which is a separate and independent state in the subcontinent.

    • We have received multiple comments similar to this one noting that downloads are not being allowed for the past 10 days or so. We’ve had some difficulties with the website, and hope those problems are now behind us. As far as we can tell downloads are now working normally. We apologize for the recent difficulties. MCADDeditor

  200. Dear Editor,

    It is great to see the auspicious books here! I would like to convey my appreciation for uploading so many historical and important document in the site.

    Please note that the site shows : “Traffic limit exceeded! Please try again later.” while downloading

    1. 1831 Literature of Thibet by Wilson from GSv3 s.pdf
    2. 1892 Life of Atisa by Das from JASBv60pt1 s.pdf
    3. 1889 Life of Sum-pa Khan-po author of Rehumig by Das from JASBv58pt1 s.pdf
    4. 1973 Indian Explorers of the 19th Century by Rawat s.pdf; and
    5. 1969 Autobiography Incidents Of My Early Life By Sarat Chandra Das S

    • Recently there has been a problem with so many files being downloaded that we exceed our allowed bandwidth, and the system shuts down. We were down for four days the end of June. We suspect someone is trying to download the entire collection, and thus overloading the system. So we have put in place a restriction of five files per day per IP address, to see if this will help resolve this problem. This restriction is new, and perhaps still not working properly. We request emails from anyone experiencing problems in downloading files which do not exceed the five file daily limit. We would also like comments regarding the five file daily limit, or other ideas to improve the overall system. Best wishes, MCADDeditor.

  201. Great collection. Can you please upload these books also?

    Kullu: Himalayan Abode of the Divine By Dilaram Shabab
    Penelope Chetwode, Kulu: The End of the Habitable World (Times Book International, Delhi, 1989)

    Thanks and regards,

  202. sir I am searching a book of jadunath sarkar that’s name is memoirs of bhimsen relating to aurangzib’s Deccan campaign but until now i did not success to find it .please help me

    • Our website focuses on materials related to the Himalaya, Tibet and Central Asia. It seems the book you are searching concerns a military campaign in the Deccan, and therefore is outside the scope of the interests of the PAHAR.IN website. Sorry, MCADDeditor

  203. Sir, I’ll be highly grateful if you can arrange and upload the following:

    1. Lambert, C. 1877. Trip to Kashmir & Ladakh, Dehradun.
    2. Lambert. W. J. 1933. List of trees & shrubs for the Kashmir & Jammu Forest Circles, J&K State. Forest Bulletin No. 80, Dehradun
    3. Coventry, B. O. (1923-30). Wild Flowers of Kashmir, 3 Vols. Raith bay, Lawrence, London.
    4. Kaul, Dina Nath, 1934 Working Plan of Gurez Kuth Fields. J&K
    5. Kaul, M. K. 1986, Weed Flora of Kashmir
    6. Stewart, R. R., 1967. The grasses of Kashmir, Bull. Bot. Surv. India 9(4): 114-133

  204. Believe me, I have been searching Alastair Lamb’s various books on Kashmir for 4 years.Since some of his books have been banned, I never imagined that I would come across this website with all the three books of Lamb, absolutely free. From past two days, I am exploring this site and downloading most of the books. I have found a treasure house with such a diverse and historical books. I can just see the countless write-ups on Kashmir which are almost impossible to find as hard copies or anywhere on internet. I thank PAHAR for this invaluable service. Keep going and serving. Good luck.

  205. I am simply astounded of such a rare collection of timeless masterpieces. A wonderful job done. Many congratulations..

  206. Thank you very much for excellent collection. If you are accepting requests, please upload following books.
    I don’t know if these have copyright issues but it will be great if you can please post these books:

    1. Audisio, Aldo (Ed.).(1991). Alpinismo Italiano in Karakorum. 129 pages. Torino: Museo Nazionale della Montagna
    2. Capt. D. Briggs: Report on Operations Connected With The Hindostan and Thibet Road 1850 to 1855. Issue 16 of Selections from the records of the governm. of India. Publisher Thos. Jones, “Calcutta Gazette” Office, 1856
    3. Hugh Rayner: Photographic Journeys in the Himalayas 1863 – 1866 by Samuel Bourne. Pagoda Tree Press
    4. Keay, John. (1977). When Men and Mountains Meet – The Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1820-75. London: John Murray.
    5. Kurz, Marcel (1959). Chronique Himalayenne: L’âge d’or 1940-1955. Zurich: Foundation Suisse pour Explorations Alpines.
    6. Kurz, Marcel (1963). Chronique Himalayenne: Supplément. Zurich: Foundation Suisse pour Explorations Alpines.
    7. Kurz, Marcel. (1952). Karakorum. Bern: Schweizerische Stiftung fuer Alpine Forschungen.
    8. Mason, K. (1955). Abode of Snow: A History of Himalayan Exploration and Mountaineering. New York: Dutton.
    9. Visser, Ph. C. and Visser-, J. 1935-38. Karakorum: Wisseschaftliche Ergebnisse der Niederlandischen Expeditionen in den Karakorum und die Angrenzenden Gebiete in den Jahren 1922, 1925, 1929/30 und 1935. Volume 2. Leiden.
    10. Visser, Ph.C. De gletschers in de stroomgebieden van de Shyock-, Nubra- en Karakash-Rivieren. Amsterdam, K.N.A.G., 1933. 46p.
    11. Von Klebelsberg, R.1948. Handbuch der Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie. Vienna. (2 vol.) Wien, Springer-Verlag
    12. Waller, Derek (1990). The Pundits: British Exploration of Tibet & Central Asia. Lexington, KY.: University Press of Kentucky.
    13. Wood, H. 1922. Explorations in the Eastern Karakoram and the Upper Yarkand Valley. Narrative report of the Survey of India Detachment with the de Filippi scientific expedition, 1914. Survey of India Publ., Dehra Dun.

    Thank you very much for your efforts.

    Best regards


  207. I’m doing a master’s thesis on the Mongol Empire and this is, without a doubt, the most useful site I’ve found for it. Thank you for all your hard work!

  208. Also if you find the books below it will really helpful if you upload these too (they are very rare and hard to find)
    4. Cho Oyu by Herbert Trichu
    5. The Scottish Himalayan Expedition by W.H. Murray
    6. For Hills to Climb, The Doon School Contribution to Mountaineering – The Early Years. Edited by Aamir Ali
    7. Storms and Sunsets in the Himalaya: A Compilation of Vignettes from the Experiences of a Mountaineer by Parash Moni Das

    I would really be grateful if you can please post these books !

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

  209. Thanks for this amazing site.
    I don’t know if these has copyright issues but it will be really great if you can please post the following books:
    1. Climbing the Fish’s Tail by Wilfrid Noyce
    2. Makalu by Jean Franco
    3. The White Death by Georges Bettombourg

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

  210. what a site. I am in search of 1900 Himalaya Album by – kurt boeck. You have the German version “1900 Indische Gletscherfahrten–Reisen und Erlebnisse im Himalaja” . My request is if you can find the English version please!! put it on this site. and also let me know.
    Thank you

    • Are you sure there is an English version of “1900 Indische Gletscherfahrten”? I can find a “Himalaya-Album: Bilder aus den indischen Alpen” by Kurt Boeck, but it is also in German and there is no mention of an English version. Perhaps you should just drop the text of the German version into Google Translator, and read it that way. MCADDeditor

  211. The following books are just not loading.1884 History of Relations of the Government with the Hill Tribes of NE Frontier of India by Mackenzie
    1900 The Making of a Frontier by Durand
    1901 The Indian Borderland 1880-1900 by Holdich
    1905 Assam District Gazetteers Vols 1 to 10 by Allen
    1913 Exploration on the North East Frontier 1913 by Bailey and Morshead
    1924 Romance of Plant Hunting by Kingdon Ward
    1953 The Hidden Land by Bower s.pdf
    1891 Memoir on the Indian Surveys 1875-1890 by Black
    1913 Official Account of the Abor Expedition 1911-12
    1879 Statistical Account of Assam Vol 1 by Hunter
    1879 Statistical Account of Assam Vol 2 by Hunter
    1883 North-East Frontier of India — Topographical, Political and Military Report
    1905 Naga Hills and Manipur by Allen
    1907 North and North-Eastern Frontier Tribes by Intelligence Branch
    1914 History of Upper Assam, Upper Burmah and NE Frontier by Shakespear
    1947 Ethnographic Notes on Tribes of the Subansiri Region by Von Furer-Haimendorf
    Please check if you can help.I will upload another list later.
    Thanking you in anticipation

    • All these books appear to be downloading properly now. Perhaps you are on a weak internet connection that breaks down repeatedly during the download process. Please see if a better connection solves the problem. Ed.

  212. The collection is excellent.However many of the books concerning Assam and its hills just do not open could you please check and help.Thank you so much.

  213. Excellent collection. Well organised. Could get a few books of Fanny Parkes & Skinner. Please make your collection from all over India.Books on Deccan / Marathas/ Nizam and down the south are missing.
    Once again thanks a lot.

  214. Very helpful site.
    I’m seeking for the book of Dr. Pathak and Dr Uma Bhatt, Asia ki Peeth Per (Beyond Asia’s Back)about Nain Singhs Diaries. Is there a possiblity to get a digitalized copy?
    It would be very very helpful.
    Thank you!

  215. hi, Has anyone the Hudūd al-ʻĀlam; “The regions of the world”: a Persian geography, 372 A.H.-982 A.D.?

  216. This website is amazing. I can’t believe the books on here. Some of these books I’ve spent years looking for. And the quality of the scans and OCR are great.

    If you are accepting requests, I have a few below. They are rare, but real gems.


    David Straub

    1. Ali. Mohammed. Book: Afghanistan : the War of Independence, 1919. Publisher: Kabul : [s.n.], 1960.

    2.Barrow, E.G. Gazetteer of the eastern Hindú Kush.Simla, Government Central Press, 1888, 1887.

    3.Barrow, E.G. A Confidential Gazetteer of Dardistan and Kafiristan, Calcutta 1885.

    4.Chakravarty, Suhash. From Khyber to Oxus: a study in imperial expansion. New Delhi : Orient Longman. 1976.

    5. Davies, Cuthbert Collin. The problem of the North-west frontier, 1890-1908, with a survey of policy since 1849. Curzon Press, 1975

    6. Dor, Remy and Naumann, Clas M. (1978): Die Kirghisen des afghanischen Pamir. Graz.

    7. Gablenz. Carl August. D-ANOY bezwingt den Pamir: ein abenteuerlicher deutscher forschungsflug. G. Stalling, 1937

    8. Iloliev, Abdulmamad The IsmaÝili-Sufi sage of Pamir: Mubarak-i Wakhani and the
    Esoteric Tradition of the Pamiri Muslims, New York: Cambria Press. 2008.

    9. Искандаров. Восточная Бухара — Искандаров Б. И. Восточная Бухара и Памир во второй половине XIX в. Ч. 1—2. Душ., 1962—1963.

    10. Kreutzmann, Hermann. Ethnizitat im Entwicklungs prozeB: die Wakhi in Hochasien. XV und 488 S., 57 Abb., Dietrich Reimer Verlag, Berlin 1996.

    11. Lorimer, David L. R. and Irmtraud Muller-Stellrecht. Materialien zur Ethnographie von Dardistan: (Pakistan): aus den nachgelassenen Aufzeichnungen. Graz: Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1979.

    12. Müller-Stellrecht , Irmtraud. Hunza and China (1761-1891) : 130 years of a relationship and its importance for the economic and political development of Hunza in the 18th and 19th centuries .1978. VII, 139 p. ISBN 3-51502799-8
    13. Ramm, Agatha. The Gladstone-Granville Correspondence. Cambridge University Press, 1998
    14. Schomberg. Unknown karakoram. London. 1936.

    15. Shahrani, M. N. M. The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers and War. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002,
    16. Tilman, H.W. Two mountains and a river. University Press, 1949

  217. I find it very tough to download books from this e-library. Please help me use this site. Do I need to register my name (ID) to allow me read books from this valuable site?

  218. Incredible, and at last! Thanks so much for all the hard work that has gone in to setting this up. Much appreciated.


  219. Thanks for your fantastic job. This website is incredible. Little bit sorry there a re almost only writtens in english. But incredible job. Many thanks

  220. Hello there….

    I am Imran , a sociologist and social worker by profession. I am ethnic Pashtoon and keen about subject in the histroy of Central Asia and Afghanistan ( but I am not biased/prejudiced by any means)……

    I did find this website a truly resourceful means and more than that….. a treasure on different subjects. The books I found here are truly precious and extremely extremely rare…. the whole team of are warmly congratulate that they have managed to maintain such a precious asset useful both for general and academic use.

    Warm regards
    Imran Khan

    • Hi Pahad,

      If you can arrange the following books;

      Khalid Bashir Ahmad, Kashmir: A Walk Through History [2019]

      Ghulam Ahmad, My Years With Sheikh Abdullah 1971-1987 [2008]

      Tarif Naaz, Sheikh Abdullah: A Victim of Betrayal [2011]

      Javaid Rahi, The Gujjar Tribe of Jammu and Kashmir

      Rao Farman Ali, Water Polity and Kashmir [2018]

      K.D. Maini, Poonch: The Battlefield of Kashmir [2012]

      M.N. Hasnain, Natural Resources of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh [2011]

      Zafar Chaudhary, Kashmir Conflict and Muslims of Jammu [2015]

      Parvez Dewan, A History of Jammu [2008]

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