• 1926 The Alpine Journal Vol 38 s.pdf
  • 1927 The Alpine Journal Vol 39 s.pdf
  • 1928 The Alpine Journal Vol 40 s.pdf
  • 1929 The Alpine Journal Vol 41 s.pdf
  • 1952 Ancient Historical Edicts at Lhasa by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1954 A Ninth Century Inscription from Rkon-po by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1957 A Tibetan Inscription from Rgyal Lha-khan–and a Note on Tibetan Chronology from AD 841 to AD 1042 by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1958 The Karma-Pa Sect–a historical note by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1964 A New Inscription of Khri Srong Lde Brtsan by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1974 Ch’ing Dynasty Inscription at Lhasa by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1985 A Corpus of Early Tibetan Inscriptions by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1986 Adventures of a Tibetan Fighting Monk by Richardson s.pdf
  • 1990 Calling from Kashgar–a journey through Tibet by Richard s.pdf
  • 1913 The Duab of Turkestan–physiographic sketch and account of some travels by Rickmers s.pdf
  • 1987 Over the High Passes–a year in the Himalayas by Noble s.pdf
  • 1993 Richardson Paper–contributed to Bulletin of Tibetology 1965-1992 by Richardson s.pdf
  • 2006 Letters from Asia–the journey of Bob and Vera Ransom ed by Robertson s.pdf
  • 1925 Tibetan Painting by Roerich s.pdf
  • 1945 Karakoram Himalaya–sommets de 7000 m by Roch.pdf
  • 1947 Garhwal Himalaya–Expedition Suisse 1939 by Roch.pdf
  • 1949 The Blue Annals by Roerich s.pdf
  • 1955 The Zhi ma Funeral Ceremony of the Na-khi of Sourthwest China by Rock s.pdf
  • 1958 The Healthy Hunzas by Rodale s.pdf
  • 1972 Textbook of Colloquial Tibetan–revised edition by Roerich s.pdf
  • 1977 Notes on Tibet by Rockhill s.pdf
  • 1986 The Road to Kabul–the second Afghan war 1878-1881 by Robson s.pdf
  • 1932 Journal of Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum vol 2 s.pdf
  • 1933 Journal of Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum vol 3 s.pdf
  • 1934 Marco Polo and his Book by Ross s.pdf 1950 Colloquial Nepali by Rogers s.pdf
  • 1970 The Art of Central Asia by Rowland s.pdf
  • 1926 East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Roosevelt s.pdf


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