PAHAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the fragile Himalayan environment and bringing together scientists, social activists, and common people to save the Himalayas.

PAHAR is a collective enterprise, possible by curiosity, hard work and research-oriented efforts of people who adore and love Himalayas.

PAHAR draws heavily from rich tradition of social movements of Uttarakhand-especially CHIPKO. The contributors are people with diverse interest-scientists, activists, environmentalists, literateurs, journalist, artists, mountaineers and all those committed to a scientific understanding of Himalayan society, culture, history and environment.

We hasten to add, that although our constraints have time and again compelled ourselves to shrink back to Central Himalayas, we clam our definite fraternity to Nilgiri, Satpura, Aravalli, Alps and Andes or for that matter any other mountain of the World-young, mature or old.

Besides the annual PAHAR (Mountain) encompassing various dimensions of MAN & Nature in Himalaya, we do publish small booklets/posters pertaining to the major problems of the Himalaya.

We organize treks to peep into the inmost recesses of Himalaya and to discover marvelous people living therein.

Seminars, discussions, and slide shows bring out the nuances of various dimensions of the magnum opus of nature-the Himalaya have been arranged since 1982.

The Askot-Arakot March 1984, Nandi Kund March 1985, Study Trek along Kali, Kuti, Dhauli reverse in 1986, and along the Gori Ganga river in 1987, CHIPKO Indus Expedition and CHIPKO Arunanchal Brahmaputra Expedition with D.G.S.M respectively in 1988 and 1992 and Jaulijibi-Madkot-Milam-Untadhura-Khingri Pass-Malari-Joshimath Trans Himalaya Expedition with N.T.M.C in 1989 to name a few, were among the major field study programmes of PAHAR encompassing studies of more than 1000 villages of Central Himalaya

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