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Nepal Satellite Images with Maps — 10 Comments

  1. Sir how often the internal boundaries you have shown here i mean d bounderies between two vdc are legally authorized as it has not been demacrated on the ground.

    • We think you need to direct that question to the people who made the map. It is a good question however, as many boundaries shown on maps have never been demarcated on the ground. MCADDeditor

  2. if these maps be in 1:25000 scale that may be better.. now it is very hard to study…. thank you .. anyway gud job

  3. Absolutely superb work by PAHAR. Keep in touch with me – I have some Swiss maps and Aeronautical charts which I may gift to you in future. Also some mountain books. I live in Siliguri – if any of you come here I would like to meet you.

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