1501 Series Maps

In the Google map below you will see many color-coded rectangles.  If you click on the corner of any rectangle it will ‘select’ and open a balloon with a link to the respective map.  The rectangles show the map boundary and the color indicates the date of original publication.  You can zoom in and drag the map to get a closer view of the rectangles.  If the link to the file from the rectangle is not working, and you get a “Sorry, no such page” message, try clicking the same file in the list below and the map should download and open.

Red = before 1800; Orange = 1800-1849; Yellow = 1850-1899; Blue = 1900-1949; Green = after 1950

Any map can be downloaded by clicking the links below.


1501 Series Maps — 5 Comments

    • We just downloaded a few of the NF series of maps and they seem to be working normally. Please try downloading again, and send us an email if you continue to have difficulty. MCADDeditor

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