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2006 History of Ancient Era Hunza State by Qudratullah Beg.pdf — 3 Comments

  1. It is indeed a primary source on Hunza. Haji Qudratullah Beg was well versed in Persian, Turkik, Urdu, Wakhi and several other regional languages. He was a iterate person belonging to the Wazir (Ministerial) family of Hunza. He had access to the official records and books of Mir of Hunza. He is the first person to author a book on the ancient History of Hunza. Off course, it was a great attempt by him though he had many other challenges at the time. Being a visionary man of his time, he realized the importance of a hisory book on Hunza valley. One can simply appreciate his intellect and sobriety. Now it is the task of contemporary historians to critique and substantiate his work with references qoutes by other authors, explorers, and European social scientists who have dared to explore these mountain valleys and their people.

  2. Thank you for sharing, however can anybody help that when this book originally was published?

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