Here is a list of books on Afghanistan, in chronological order.  A click on any link will start the download of that file.

1833 Colossal Idols of Bamian by Burnes from JASBv2 s.pdf
1834 Journey to North of India through Affghaunistaun Vol 1 by Conolly s.pdf
1834 Journey to North of India through Affghaunistaun Vol 2 by Conolly s.pdf
1834 Route from Dera Ghazi Khan by Veziri Country to Kabul by Honigberger from JASBv3 s.pdf
1834 Topes and Antiquities of Afghanistan by Gerard from JASBv3 s.pdf
1836 History of the Afghans by Neamet Ullah.pdf
1838 Plain of Koh-i-Daman and pass of Hindu Kush by Lord from JASBv7pt1 s.pdf
1838 Siah-posh Kaffirs with language and costumes by Burnes from JASBv7 pt1 s.pdf
1839 An_Account_of_the_Kingdom_of_Caubul__and its dependencies Vol 1 by Elphinstone s.pdf
1839 An_Account_of_the_Kingdom_of_Caubul__and its Dependencies Vol 2 by Elphinstone s.pdf
1839 Reports on Afghanistan by Burnes; Leech, Lord and Wood s.pdf
1840 Account of Coins found at Bameean by Hay from JASBv9pt1 s.pdf
1840 Climate Soil Produce and Husbandry of Afghanistan by Irwin from JASBv8pt2 s.pdf
1840 Grammar of Pashtoo or Afghanee Language by Leach from JASBv8pt1 s.pdf
1840 Memorandum on the Siaposh by Masson from TBGSv5.pdf
1840 Narrative of adventures in a journey from Kandahar to Shikarpur by Masson from TBGSv5.pdf
1840 Narrative of Army of Indus into Affghanistan under John Keane by Hough s.pdf
1840 Narrative of Campaign of Army of the Indus in Sind and Kaubool 1838-9 Vol 1 by Kennedy s.pdf
1840 Narrative of Campaign of Army of the Indus in Sind and Kaubool 1838-9 Vol 2 by Kennedy s.pdf
1840 Narrative of Journey from Dakka to Kabal by Masson from TBGSv5.pdf
1840 Narrative of the War in Affghanistan 1838-39 Vol 1 by Havelock s.pdf
1840 Narrative of the War in Affghanistan 1838-39 Vol 2 by Havelock s.pdf
1840 Objects of Research in Affghanistan by Lassen from JASBv8pt1 s.pdf
1840 Observations on Political Condition of Durani States and Dependencies by Masson from TBGSv5.pdf
1840 Passage through the Pass of Khaibar between Peshawer and Jelalabad by Masson from TBGSv5.pdf
1840 Rough Notes of Campaign in Sinde and Afghanistan in 1838-39 by Outram s.pdf
1840 Visit to Ghuzni, Kabul and Afghanistan by GT Vigne s.pdf
1841 Ariana Antiqua–Descriptive Account of Antiquities and Coins of Afghanistan by Wilson and Masson s.pdf
1841 Journey to the Source of the River Oxus by Wood s.pdf
1841 Report of Journey to Sources of the Amu Derya (Oxus) by Wood from JRGSv10 s.pdf
1841 Sketch of Second Silver Plate found at Badakshan by Cunningham from JASBv10pt2 s.pdf
1842 Cabool by Burnes s.pdf
1842 Memoir of India and Avghanistan by Josiah Harlan s.pdf
1842 Remarks on the War in Afghanistan by Melville s.pdf
1842 The expedition into Afghanistan by Atkinson s.pdf
1843 Diary of march through Sinde and Afghanistan by Allen s.pdf
1843 History of the War in Afghanistan by Nash s.pdf
1843 Journal of Disasters in Affghanistan 1841-42 by Sale.pdf
1843 Military Operations at Cabul by Eyre s.pdf
1843 Tour through parts of Panjab and Affghanistan in 1837 by Abbas from JASBv12pt1 s.pdf
1844 A Great Country’s Little Wars or England Affghanistan and Sinde by Lushington s.pdf
1844 Historical Results deducible from recent Discoveries in Afghanistan by Prinsep s.pdf
1844 Journeys in Balochistan Afghanistan the Panjab and Kalat Vol 1 by Masson s.pdf
1844 Journeys in Balochistan Afghanistan the Panjab and Kalat Vol 2 by Masson s.pdf
1844 Journeys in Balochistan Afghanistan the Panjab and Kalat Vol 3 by Masson s.pdf
1844 Journeys in Balochistan Afghanistan the Panjab and Kalat Vol 4 by Masson s.pdf
1844 Narrative of Late Victorious Campaign in Affghanistan under General Pollock by Greenwood s.pdf
1845 Anglo-Indian Policy During and Since the Afghan War by Holme s.pdf
1846 Life of Amir Dost Mohammed Khan Vol 1 by Lal s.pdf
1846 Life of Amir Dost Mohammed Khan Vol 2 by Lal s.pdf
1846 Sale’s Brigade in Afghanistan by Gleig s.pdf
1846 Travels in Panjab Afghanistan and Turkistan by Lal.pdf
1847 Sikhs and Afghans in connexion with India and Persia by Ali.pdf
1848 Legends of Afghan Countries in Verse by Masson s.pdf
1849 Notes on Geography of Western Afghanistan by Anderson from JASBv18pt1 s.pdf
1857 Grammar of Pukhto Pushto or Language of the Afghans by Raverty s.pdf
1857 History_of_the_War_in_Afghanistan Vol 1 by Kaye s.pdf
1857 History_of_the_War_in_Afghanistan Vol 2 by Kaye s.pdf
1858 History_of_the_War_in_Afghanistan Vol 3 by Kaye s.pdf
1858 History of the Afghans by Ferrier s.pdf
1859 Accounts and Papers Vol 25 Parliamentary_Papers s.pdf
1859 Notes on Kafiristan by Raverty from JASBv28 s.pdf
1860 Falsification of Diplomatic Documents–the Affghan Papers s.pdf
1860 Mission to Kandahar by Lumsden.pdf
1862 Journal of a political Mission to Afghanistan in 1857 by Bellew s.pdf
1862 Lost Among the Affghans by Campbell s.pdf
1865 Narrative of Army of Indus into Affghanistan under John Keane by Hough s.pdf
1867 Dictionary of Pukkhto or Pukshto Language by Bellew s.pdf
1867 Selections_from_the_poetry_of_the_Afghan s.pdf
1867 Sitana a Mountain Campaign on the Borders of Afghanistan by Adye s.pdf
1871 Central Asia Part 2–a contribution towards the better knowledge of topography ethnology resources and History of Afghanistan by MacGregor s.pdf
1872 Havildar’s Journey through Chitral to Faizabad by Montgomerie from PRGSv16 s.pdf
1872 Journey to Source of River Oxus by Wood and Yule s.pdf
1872 Monograph on the Oxus by Rawlinson from JRGSv42 s.pdf
1872 Papers connected with the Upper Oxus Regions by Yule from JRGSv42 s.pdf
1873 Grammar of the Pasto or Language of the Afghans by Trumpp s.pdf
1873 Life and Correspondence of Field-Marshal Sir George Pollock by Low s.pdf
1873 On Badakshan and Wakhan from PRGSv17 s.pdf
1874 From the Indus to the Tigris by Bellew s.pdf
1874 The Oxus and the Indus by Bell s.pdf
1876 Afghan Geography by Markham from PRGSv20 s.pdf
1878 Address of Major-General Roberts to Chiefs of Kurram–Afghanistan No 4 s.pdf
1878 Afghanistan and the Central Asian Question by Fisher s.pdf
1878 Afghan Question–speeches of Earl of Northbrook in House of Lords by Northbrook s.pdf
1878 Afghan Question–speech of Earl of Northbrook in Guildhall by Northbrook s.pdf
1878 Cabul–The Ameer His Country and his People by Robinson s.pdf
1878 Correspondence respecting Relations Between British Government and Afghanistan since Accession of Ameer Shere Ali Khan s.pdf
1878 Further Papers relating to Affairs of Afghanistan–Afghanistan No 2.pdf
1878 Landuages and Races of Dardistan by Leitner s.pdf
1878 Precis of Communications between England and Russia on Afghan Question–Confidential s.pdf
1878 The First Afghan War by Morris s.pdf
1879 Afghanistan–Papers presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty s.pdf
1879 Afghanistan and the Afghans by Bellew s.pdf
1879 Afghan question from 1841 to 1878 by Duke of Argyll s.pdf
1879 Afghan War 1838-42 from Journal and Correspondence of Major-General Augustus Abbott by Low s.pdf
1879 Basin of Helmund by Markham from PRGSv1NS s.pdf
1879 British Agents in Afghanistan by Burne s.pdf
1879 Causes of the Afghan War selection papers laid before parliament s.pdf
1879 Chareekar and Service There with 4th Goorkha Regiment by Haughton s.pdf
1879 Further Papers relating to Affairs of Afghanistan–Afghanistan No 3 s.pdf
1879 History of Afghanistan from earliest period to 1878 by Malleson.pdf
1879 Lord Lytton and the Afghan War by Eastwick s.pdf
1879 Mountain Passes leading to Valley of Bamian from PRGSv1NS s.pdf
1879 Mountain Passes on Afghan Frontier of British India by Markham from PRGSv1NS s.pdf
1879 Policy and Relations of the British Government toward Afghanistan 1872 to 1879 by Plowden s.pdf
1879 Survey Operations of Afghanistan Expedition–the Kurram Valley by Martin from PRGSv1NS s.pdf
1879 The Afghan Frontier by Campbell s.pdf
1879 The First Afghan War and Its Causes by H.M. Durand s.pdf
1879 Upper Basin of Kabul River by Markham from PRGSv1NS s.pdf
1880 Confidential Afghan War Diary of Events 29 Aug to 16 Oct s .pdf
1880 Country between Candahar and Girishk by Beavan from PRGSv2NS s.pdf
1880 Herat–Granary and Garden of Central Asia by Malleson s.pdf
1880 Highway from Indus to Candahar by Temple from PRGSv2NS s.pdf
1880 Journey to Badakshan with Report on Badakshan and Wakhan by Rahim.pdf
1880 Kafiristan the Bashgeli Kafirs and their Language by Leitner s.pdf
1880 Notes on Afghanistan and Baluchistan–Geographical Ethnographical and Historical by Raverty s.pdf
1880 Nott’s Brigade In Afghanistan,1838-42 private diary s.pdf
1880 Papers relating to Advance of Ayub Khan on Kandahar presented to both Houses of Parliament s.pdf
1880 Pishin and Routes between India and Candahar by Biddulph from PRGSv2NS s.pdf
1880 Shorawak Valley and Toba Plateau Afghanistan by Campbell from PRGSv2NS s.pdf
1880 The Afghan Policy of Beaconsfield Government and its Results by Grant Duff s.pdf
1880 The Races of Afghanistan by Bellew s.pdf
1880 Tribes of the Hindoo Koosh by Biddulph s.pdf
1880 True Story of Our Afghan Policy s.pdf
1881 Afghanistan–Correspondence relating to Recognition of Abdul Rahman Khan as Amir of Kabul s.pdf
1881 Afghanistan–Papers relating to Occupation of Kandahar Presented to both Houses of Parliament s.pdf
1881 Afghanistan and South Africa–letter to W.E. Gladstone by Frere s.pdf
1881 A short account of Afghanistan by Walker s.pdf
1881 Chugani and neighbouring Tribes of Kafiristan by Tanner from PRGSv3NS s.pdf
1881 Notes on the Chugani and Neighbouring Tribes of Kafiristan by Tanner s.pdf
1881 Personal Records of the Kandahar Campaign ed by Ashe s.pdf
1881 Private Journal of Henry Francis Brooke Kandahar Field Force s.pdf
1881 The Afghan War of 1879-80 by Hensman s.pdf
1881 The Life and Career of Louis Cavagnari British Envoy at Cabul by Dey s.pdf
1881 To Caubul with the Cavalry Brigade by Mitford s.pdf
1882 The Victoria Cross in Afghanistan and on the frontiers of India by Elliott s.pdf
1883 Major-General Sir Frederick S Roberts–a memoir by Low s.pdf
1883 The life of Major General Sir Henry Marion Durand Vol 1 by Durand s.pdf
1883 The Life of Major General Sir Henry Marion Durand Vol 2 by Durand s.pdf
1883 Through the Khyber Pass to Sherpore Camp by Gregson s.pdf
1884 Journey from Heraut to Khiva Moscow and St Petersburgh Vol 1 by Abbott s.pdf
1884 Journey from Heraut to Khiva Moscow and St Petersburgh Vol 2 by Abbott s.pdf
1884 Narrative of Lt Col LR Stacy by Stacy s.pdf
1885 Afghan Boundary Commission by Holdich from PRGSv7NS s.pdf
1885 Afghanistan–Its History and our Dealings With It by Walker s.pdf
1885 Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute by Rodenbough s.pdf
1885 Colonel Grodekoff’s ride from Samarcand to Herat by Marvin s.pdf
1885 Countries and Tribes bordering Koh-i-Baba Range by Lumsden from PRGSv7NS s.pdf
1885 Dardistan and Kafiristan in three parts by Barrow (confidential–incomplete to be revised) s.pdf
1885 India’s Danger and England’s Duty–History of Russian Advance upon Afghanistan by Russell s.pdf
1885 Notes on Afghanistan as a Theatre of War by St. John (confidential) s.pdf
1885 Notes on the portion of the memorandum ‘Afghanistan as a Theatre of War’ by St. John (confidential) s.pdf
1885 Report on the Explorations in Part of Eastern Afghanistan and in Kafiristan during 1883 by McNair (confidential) incomplete s.pdf
1885 Russians at the Gates of Herat by Marvin s.pdf
1885 Russo-Afghan Question and the Invasion of India 2nd ed by Malleson s.pdf
1886 Gazetteer of Dardistan and Kafiristan by Barrow (incomplete-to be revised) s.pdf
1886 Parts of Ghilzi Country by Broadfoot from RGSSPv1 s.pdf
1887 Maitland’s and Talbot’s Journeys in Afghanistan from PRGSv9NS s.pdf
1887 Through Central Asia–Diplomacy and Delimitation of the Russo-Afghan Frontier by Lansdell s.pdf
1887 Travels with the Afghan Boundary Commission by AC Yate s.pdf
1888 Botany of the Afghan Delimitation Commission by Aitchison s.pdf
1888 Career of Major George Broadfoot in Afghanistan and Punjab by Broadfoot s.pdf
1888 Northern Afghanistan or Letters from the Afghan Boundary Commission by Yate s.pdf
1888 Recollections of the Kabul Campaign 1879 & 1880 by Duke s.pdf
1890 Afghan Poetry of Seventeenth Century by Biddulph s.pdf
1890 Field Notes from Afghanistan (No. 4) from Turkistan to India by Griesbach s.pdf
1890 Military Routes to the Indo-Afghan Frontier by Lessar (secret) s.pdf
1890 Notes on the Products of Western Afghanistan and of North-Eastern Persia by Aitchison s.pdf
1890 Precis of Papers regarding the Upper Oxus Boundary by Younghusband (confidential) s.pdf
1891 An Inquiry into the Ethnography of Afghanistan by Bellew s.pdf
1892 The Afghan Wars 1839-42 and 1878-80 by Forbes s.pdf
1893 Dardistan in 1866, 1886 and 1893 by Leitner s.pdf
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 1 Badakhshan by Barrow (secret) s.pdf
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 2 Afghan Turkistan by Barrow (secret) s.pdf
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 3 Herat by Barrow (secret) s.pdf
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 4 Kabul by Mason (secret) s.pdf
1893 The Military Geography of Afghanistan Part 5 Farah and Kandahar by Elles (secret) s.pdf
1893 Translation of Kalid-i-Afghani by Hughes and Plowden s.pdf
1894 Kafiristan by Robertson from GJv4 s.pdf
1895 At the Court of the Amir-a narrative by Gray s.pdf
1895 Brown’s Sections and Views of Routes in Afghanistan by Brown.pdf
1895 Recollections_of_a_military_life by Adye s.pdf
1895 Report on Kaghan and adjoining territory including Allai Kohistan and Shinaka (Dardistan) by Mason (confidential) s.pdf
1895 Shahzadah’s Visit to Great Britain s.pdf
1896 Letters on the Baluch-Afghan Boundary Commission of 1896 by McMahon s.pdf
1896 Origin of Kafir of Hindu Kush by Holdich from GJv7 s.pdf
1896 Report on the Proceedings of the Pamir Boundary Commission by Gerard & Holdich s.pdf
1897 Forty-one Years in India Vol 1 by Lord Roberts of Kandahar s.pdf
1897 Forty-one Years in India Vol 2 by Lord Roberts of Kandahar s.pdf
1897 Southern Borderlands of Afghanistan by McMahon from GJv9 s.pdf
1898 Lockharts Advance through Tirah by Shadwell s.pdf
1898 Report on the natural history results of Pamir Boundary commission by Alcock s.pdf
1899 Khyber–A sketch of the pass by Morphy s.pdf
1899 The Second Afghan War 1878 79 80 vol 1 by Hanna s.pdf
1900 Afghan Frontier–Reconnaissance in Shugnan from GJv16 s.pdf
1900 Languages Spoken beyond the N.W. Frontier of India by Grierson s.pdf
1900 Life of Abdur Rahman–Amir of Afghanistan Vol 1 by Khan s.pdf
1900 Life of Abdur Rahman–Amir of Afghanistan Vol 2 by Khan s.pdf
1900 Lord Roberts of Kandahar by Jerrold s.pdf
1900 Orographic Map of Afghanistan and Baluchistan by Holdich from GJv16 s.pdf
1900 The Forward Policy and its Results by Bruce s.pdf
1901 Grammar of Pukkhto or Pukshto Language by Bellew s.pdf
1901 The Indian Borderland–1880-1900 by Holdich s.pdf
1903 Lord Curzon in India 1898-1903 by Lipsett s.pdf
1904 The Second Afghan War 1878-79-80 vol 2 by Hanna s.pdf
1904 Through the Unknown Pamirs–2nd Danish Pamir Expedition by Olufsen s.pdf
1906 Afghanistan by Hamilton s.pdf
1907 The Afghan Question–Military Geographical and Political Studies by Rittich (translation Secret) s.pdf
1907 Tribes North of the Kabul River by Intelligence Branch s.pdf
1907 Under the Absolute Amir by Martin s.pdf
1908 History of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni by Roos-Keppel s.pdf
1908 The Second Afghan War 1878-80 Abridged Official Account by Army HQ s.pdf
1909 Around Afghanistan by de Lacoste s.pdf
1909 Bactria–from earliest time to Bactrio-Greek rule in Punjab by Rawlinson s.pdf
1910 Afghanistan the Buffer State–Great Britain and Russia in Central Asia by Lyons s.pdf
1910 Baluchistan and the First Afghan War by Intelligence Branch s.pdf
1910 Dictionary of the Pathan Tribes on the NW Frontier of India by Army HQ s.pdf
1910 Final Report on Afghanistan by Iftikhar-Ud-Din — British Agent at Kabul 1907-1910 (secret) s.pdf
1910 Leaves from an Afghan Scrapbook–experiences of an English official and wife in Kabul by Thornton s.pdf
1911 Kingdom of Afghanistan–A Historical Sketch by Tate s.pdf
1911 Notes on some Monuments in Afghanistan by Hayden from MASB v2 s.pdf
1912 Kandahar Field Force–Afghanistan 1878-80 by Ellis s.pdf
1912 Routes in Afghanistan–South-East by General Staff s.pdf
1913 Private journal Captain R.W.G. Hingston on Indo-Russian Triangulation Expedition by Hingston s.pdf
1914 Gazetteer of Afghanistan–Part 1 Badakshan by General Staff India s.pdf
1914 Hero of Herat–a frontier biography in romantic form by Diver s.pdf
1914 Hero of Herat–frontier biography by Diver s.pdf
1914 Pennell of the Afghan Frontier by Pennell.pdf
1920 Frontier Folk of the Afghan Border and Beyond by Starr s.pdf
1921 The Pathan Borderland from Chitral to Dera Ismail Khan by Enriquez s.pdf
1921 Treaty between the British and Afghan Governments signed at Kabul s.pdf
1922 Among the Wild Tribes of the Afghan Frontier by Pennell s.pdf
1922 Exploits of Asaf Khan by Afghan s.pdf
1922 Phonology of Bakhtiari Badakhshani and Madaglashti Dialects of Modern Persian by Lorimer s.pdf
1925 Beyond the Khyber Pass by Thomas s.pdf
1925 Report on a Linguistic Mission to Afghanistan by Morgenstierne s.pdf
1926 Third Afghan War 1919–Official Account by Army HQ India s.pdf
1928 Through the Heart of Afghanistan by Trinkler s.pdf
1929 Afghan and Pathan– a sketch by Scott s.pdf
1929 Afghanistan–from Darius to Amanullah by Macmunn s.pdf
1929 From Leipzig to Cabul–motorcycle ride to Afghanistan and nine month imprisonment by Stratil-Sauer s.pdf
1930 A Bakhtiari Prose Text by Lorimer s.pdf
1930 Exchange of Notes between UK and Government of Afghanistan regarding Treaty Relations with Afghanistan s.pdf
1930 The Wanderings of Asaf by Afghan s.pdf
1930x Pushtu Colloquial and Phrase Book by Din s.pdf
1931 The Life and Times of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna by Nazim s.pdf
1932 Amanullah–Ex-King of Afghanistan by Wild s.pdf
1932 Summary of Events–Afghanistan August 1919 to June 1932 (secret) s.pdf
1934 Exchange of Notes between UK and Afghanistan regarding Boundary between India and Afghanistan s.pdf
1934 In Persia and Afghanistan with Trans-Asiatic Expedition by Hackin from GJv83 s.pdf
1934 Recent Journey in Afghanistan by Sykes from GJv84 s.pdf
1935 Afghan Journey by James s.pdf
1935 Notes on Nomad Tribes of Eastern Afghanistan by Robinson s.pdf
1935 Pedalling Through the Afghan Wilds–being the experiences of KJ Kharas s.pdf
1936 Band-i-Amir by Hay from GJv87 s.pdf
1937 Burushaski and its Alien Neighbours–Problems in Linguistic Contagion by Lorimer s.pdf
1938 Uzbek Texts from Afghan Turkestan with glossary by Jarring s.pdf
1939 Ancient Sites in Northern Afghanistan by Barger from GJv93 s.pdf
1939 Central Asia–personal narrative of General Josiah Harlan 1823-1841 ed by Ross s.pdf
1939 On the Distribution of Turk Tribes in Afghanistan by Jarring s.pdf
1940 History of Afghanistan Vol 1 by Sykes s.pdf
1940 History of Afghanistan Vol 2 by Sykes s.pdf
1943 Travels in Afghanistan 1937-1938 by Fox s.pdf
1944 Over Khyber to the Caspian Sea by Ahlsand s.pdf
1946 The Red Kafirs by Shakur s.pdf
1948 An American Engineer in Afghanistan by Bell s.pdf
1949 Pakhtunistan Day s.pdf
1949 The Pakhtun Question.pdf
1950 Men and Events through 18th and 19th Century Afghanistan by Kohzad s.pdf
1950 We Took the High Road in Afghanistan by Shor s.pdf
1953 Afghanistan–a Study of Political Developments in Central and Southern Asia by Fraser-Tytler s.pdf
1957 Afghan Interlude by De Baer s.pdf
1959 On the Birds of Afghanistan by Paludan s.pdf
1960 Flora of Afghanistan by Kitamura s.pdf
1961 Afghan Quest by Dunsheath s.pdf
1961 North From Kabul by Wilson s.pdf
1961 Time Off to Dig–Archaeology and Adventure in Remote Afghanistan by Matheson s.pdf
1962 Bamiyan Guide by Wolfe s.pdf
1962 Haibak and Kashmir-Smast–Buddhist cave-temples in Afghanistan and Pakistan ed by Mizuno s.pdf
1963 Insect Fauna of Afghanistan and Hindukush ed by Ueno s.pdf
1964 Constitution of Afghanistan s.pdf
1964 Guide to the Kabul Museum by Dupree s.pdf
1965 Afghanistan–Highway of Conquest by Fletcher s.pdf
1965 Cultivated Plants and their Relatives–Kyoto University Karakoram Expedition ed by Yamashita s.pdf
1966 Afghanistan–Cockpit in High Asia by King s.pdf
1966 Afghanistan–Land of the High Flags by Klass s.pdf
1966 The Fierce Pawns by Macrory s.pdf
1967 Afghanistan 1900-1923–A Diplomatic History by Adamec s.pdf
1967 Afghanistan by Griffiths s.pdf
1967 First Afghan War 1838-1842 by Norris s.pdf
1968 Geomedical Monograph Series–Afghanistan ed by Jusatz s.pdf
1968 Montagnes Arides du Wakhan by Agresti.pdf
1969 Emergence of Modern Afghanistan–politics of reform and modernization 1880-1946 by Gregorian s.pdf
1969 The Afghans by Ali s.pdf
1970 Fossils of North-East Afghanistan by Schouppe s.pdf
1970 Montagnes Arides du Wakhan by Agresti.pdf
1970 Physical Anthropology of Afghanistan I-II by Debets s.pdf
1971 Index to Robertson’s The Kafirs of the Hindu Kush by Edelberg s.pdf
1972 Bazaar-e-Tashqurghan–ethnographical studies in an Afghan bazaar by Charpentier s.pdf
1972 Garbled Blue Books of 1839–myth or reality by Alder s.pdf
1972 Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan Vol 1 Badakshan and NE Afghanistan s.pdf
1972 Historical Guide to Kabul by Dupree s.pdf
1972 History and Geography of Central Asia–vol 1 Afghanistan by Dupree s.pdf
1972 Prehistoric Research in Afghanistan (1959-1966) by Dupree s.pdf
1972 The Politics of Afghanistan by Newell s.pdf
1973 Faction and Conversion in a Plural Society–Religious Alignments in the Hindu Kush by Canfield s.pdf
1973 Fire in Afghanistan 1914-1929–Faith Hope and the British Empire by Stewart s.pdf
1973 Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan Vol 2 Farah and SW Afghanistan s.pdf
1973 Reform and Rebellion in Afghanistan 1919-1929–King Amanullah’s Failure to Modernize by Poullada s.pdf
1974 Cultures of the Hindukush–papers from Hindu-kush Cultural Conference held at Moesgard ed by Jettmar s.pdf
1974 From Brigand to King–autobiography of Amir Habibullah King of Afghanistan by Habibullah s.pdf
1975 Geology of Central Badakhshan and Surrounding Countries ed by Desio s.pdf
1975 Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan Vol 3 Herat and NW Afghanistan s.pdf
1975 Historical and Political Who’s Who of Afghanistan by Adamec s.pdf
1976 From Khyber to Oxus–Study in Imperial Expansion by Chakravarty s.pdf
1978 Buzkashi by Bulikci from Natural History magazine s.pdf
1978 The Archaeology of Afghanistan–from earliest time to the Timurid period by Allchin s.pdf
1979 First Supplement to the Who’s Who of Afghanistan by Adamec s.pdf
1979 Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan Vol 4 Mazar-i-Sharif s.pdf
1979 Kazakh and Uzbek Rugs from Afghanistan by O’Bannon s.pdf
1979 My God–Maiwand! Operations of the South Afghanistan Field Force 1878-80 by Maxwell s.pdf
1979 Nuristan by Edelberg s.pdf
1979 The Panjdeh Crisis 1885–Russian advances in Central Asia alarmed the British by Brereton s.pdf
1980 Afghanistan by Dupree s.pdf
1980 Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan Vol 5 Kandahar s.pdf
1981 The Struggle for Afghanistan by Newell s.pdf
1982 Buzkashi–Game and Power in Afghanistan by Azoy s.pdf
1983 A Bibliography of Afghanistan by McLachlan s.pdf
1983 Afghanistan and the Soviet Union by Bradsher s.pdf
1983 The Afghan Connection–extraordinary adventures of Major Eldred Pottinger by Pottinger s.pdf
1984 Nuristan Buildings by Edelberg s.pdf
1984 On the Cultural Heritage of the Pashai by Ovesen s.pdf
1984 The Gordon Creeds in Afghanistan–1839 and 1878-79 ed by Trousdale s.pdf
1985 Afghanistan–the Soviet War by Girardet s.pdf
1985 A History of Afghanistan by Gankovsky translated from Russian s.pdf
1985 Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan Vol 6 Kabul and SE Afghanistan s.pdf
1986 Charles Masson of Afghanistan by Whitteridge s.pdf
1986 The Religions of the Hindukush–vol 1 Religion of the Kafirs by Jettmar s.pdf
1986 The Road to Kabul–the second Afghan war 1878-1881 by Robson s.pdf
1987 Afghanistan–the Great Game Revisited ed by Klass s.pdf
1988 The Fall of Afghanistan–an Insider’s Account by Ghaus s.pdf
1988 Tragedy of Afghanistan–social cultural and political impact of Soviet invasion ed by Huldt s.pdf
1989 Kingdom of Bamiyan–Buddhist Art and Culture of the Hindu Kush by Klimburg-Salter s.pdf
1990 Beyond the Khyber Pass by John Waller s.pdf
1990 Constitution of Republic of Afghanistan s.pdf
1990 History of Buddhism in Afghanistan by Upasak s.pdf
1990 The Ismailis–their history and doctrines by Daftary s.pdf
1991 Rhetorics and Politics in Afghan Traditional Storytelling by Mills s.pdf
1993 Afghan Wars 1839-1992–what Britain gave up and the Soviet Union lost by O’Ballance s.pdf
1994 A Catalog of the Louis and Nancy H Dupree Collection ed by Maheshwary s.pdf
1994 The Afghan Amulet–travels from the Hindu Kush to Razgrad by Paine s.pdf
1995 Bamiyan–Buddhist cave temples in Afghanistan by Higuchi from World Archaeology v27 s.pdf
1997 Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan–2nd edition by Adamec s.pdf
1997 State and Tribe in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan–reign of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan by Noelle s.pdf
1998 Hazaras of Afghanistan–historical cultural economic and political study by Mousavi s.pdf
2000 Unholy Wars – Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism by Cooley s.pdf
2001 Bamiyan Buddhas–Senseless Destruction by Taliban by Ahir s.pdf
2002 Afghanistan–a short history of its people and politics by Ewans s.pdf
2002 Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan by Shahrani s.pdf
2003 Afghanistan, Central Asia, Pakistan and the United Stated ed by Jalalzai s.pdf
2003 Women of Afghanistan by Delloye s.pdf
2004 Buddhist Caves of Jaghuri and Qarabagh-e Ghazni Afghanistan by Veradi s.pdf
2004 The Man Who Would be King–biography of Josiah Harlan by Macintyre s.pdf
2004 Wakhan Woluswali in Badakhshan–observations and reflections from Afghanistan’s periphery by Felmy s.pdf
2005 Afghanistan–Reconstituting a Collapsed State by Millen s.pdf
2005 The Karakoram Landscape and the Recent History of the Northern Areas by Kreutzmann s.pdf
2007 Hidden Afghanistan by Cambon s.pdf
2008 Ismaili-Sufi Sage of Pamir by Iloliev s.pdf
2008 Report on Preservation of Buddhist Monuments at Bamiyan in Afghanistan by Lal s.pdf
2009 Bala Hissar of Kabul–Revealing a fortress-palace in Afghanistan by Woodburn s.pdf
2010 Glaciers of Afghanistan by Shroder and Bishop from USGS s.pdf
2011 Darrahe Qala-I Ust–Wakhan Afghanistan by Wala.pdf
2013 The Ismailis and Kirghiz of the Upper Amu Darya and Pamirs in Afghanistan by Straub.pdf
2017 Historical Geography of the Pamirs by Kreutzmann s.pdf
Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection Bibliography at U Nebraska s.pdf