William Moorcroft Manuscript Transcriptions

William Moorcroft spent the better part of six years (1820-1825) travelling through the largely then unknown areas north of British India.  As the superintendent of the Honorable Company’s horse breeding farm at Pusa, Bihar he was searching for good breeding stock, but as he travelled he investigated and recorded myriad details about the people, places, economies, agricultural practices and political relationships of the areas through which he passed.  Moorcroft’s journal volumes are now stored in the British Library.  The library has recently made available digital copies of microfilms of the Moorcroft papers.  However, these hand-written manuscripts are difficult to read and only accessible to the most dedicated scholars.  In order to present these journals to a wider audience, the MCADD has initiated a project to transcribe these original manuscripts into typed text.

The Moorcroft Manuscript Transcription Project is looking for volunteers willing to transcribe individual journals or letters.  The 9th journal, and parts of the 10th, have been completed by Janet Rizvi and she is currently working on the 8th journal.  Akshay Gururani is working on the 2nd journal and making good progress. The journal volumes 3 to 7, and many Moorcroft letters, are waiting for volunteers interested to engage in the transcription work.  Anyone interested to help with this project should contact the MCADDeditor@gmail.com for more information.