William Moorcroft Documents

Apart from the main archive in the British Library, there are some documents by or relating to Moorcroft in the National Archives of India, New Delhi, but these are scattered among the Government files and one must search the usual government file indexes in order to find them.

Some of Moorcroft’s reports were published in contemporary journals, like Asiatic Researches, the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, The Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, and others, and we’ve tried to track down as many of these as possible, presenting them, along with some scholarly writings about Moorcroft, in the folders listed below.

Guides to Moorcroft Documents in the British Library


Documents by Moorcroft, other than those in the British Library Lists

1812 Tour to Chinese Tartary by William Moorcroft.jpg

1814 Observations on Breeding of Horses by Moorcroft s.pdf

1818 Journey to Lake Manasarovara in Un-des, Little Tibet by Moorcroft from ARv12 s.pdf

1824 Purik Sheep of Ladakh by Moorcroft from Trans RASGB&I v1 s.pdf

1831 Notice on Khoten–Papers of late Mr William Moorcroft in JRGSv1 s.pdf

1832 Natural Productions and Agriculture of Cashmere by Moorcroft from JRGSv2 s.pdf


Secondary authorities: Documents about William Moorcroft

1826 Mr. Moorcroft from Asiatic Journal Vol 21 s.pdf

1844 Moorcroft’s Travels in Ladakh and Gerard’s Kunawar by Cunningham from JASBv13pt1 s.pdf

1887 North West Afghanistan Boundary Sheet 3 by Holdich.jpg

1905 Moorcroft and Hearsey’s visit to Mansarowar in 1812 by Pearse from GJv26 s.pdf

1973 The Kashmir Shawl by Irwin s.pdf

1980 Standing Alone–William Moorcroft Plays the Great Game 1808-1825 by Alder s.pdf

1987 The Asian Years of William Moorcroft 1808-1825 by Alder from Asian Affairs v18 s.pdf

1994 Horse Trade in 18th Century South Asia by Gommans from JESHO v37 s.pdf

1998 Travels in Ladakh 1820-21–the account of Moorcroft’s Persian Munshi Hajji Sayyid Ali by Digby from Asian Affairs v29.pdf


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