New Files Jan. 2017

  • 1954 A Manual of the Land Tenures of the Kumaun Division by Stowell s.pdf
  • 1957 Where the Gods are Mountains–three years among the people of the Himalayas by Von Nebesky-Wojkowitz s.pdf
  • 1970 Two and Two Halves to Bhutan–a family journey in the Himalayas by Steele s.pdf
  • 1977 The Festivals of Nepal by Anderson s.pdf
  • 1978 Thatched Huts & Stucco Palaces–peasants and landlords in 19th century Nepal by Regmi s.pdf
  • 1981 A Short History of Nepal by Thapa s.pdf
  • 1982 Treks on the Kathmandu Valley Rim by Byers s.pdf
  • 1983 4 Villages — Architecture in Nepal by Blair s.pdf
  • 1986 Trans-Himalayan Traders–Economy Society & Culture in Northwest Nepal by Fisher s.pdf
  • 1990 Karnali Under Stress–Livelihood Strategies and Seasonal Rhythms in a Changing Nepal Himalaya by Bishop s.pdf
  • 1991 Fatalism and Development–Nepal’s Struggle of Modernization by Bista s.pdf
  • 1992 Spring Awakening–account of the 1990 Revolution in Nepal by Raeper s.pdf
  • 1933 Catalogue of Wall-Paintings from Ancient Shrines in Central Asia and Sistan by Stein s.pdf
  • 1935 Descriptive Catalogue of Antiquities recovered by Sir Aurel Stein in Central Asia by Andrews s.pdf
  • 1942 Nepal Land of Mystery–adventures in Burma China India and Kingdom of Nepal by Davis s.pdf
  • 1956 Four Studies on the History of Central Asia vol 1–translated from the Russian–by Barthold s.pdf
  • 1958 Four Studies on the History of Central Asia vol 2 Ulugh-Beg by Barthold–translated from the Russian s.pdf
  • 1962 Four Studies on the History of Central Asia vol 3 Mir Ali-Shir by Barthold–translated from the Russian s.pdf
  • 1965 Nepal and the East India Company by Sanwal s.pdf
  • 1987 Faith-Healers in the Himalayas by Miller s.pdf

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