New Files Feb. 2017

  • 1951 North to Everest by Cowles and South Face of Mount Everest by Houston s.pdf
  • 1971 Political Development in Nepal 1950-70–conflict between Tradition and Modernity by Chauhan s.pdf
  • 1973 General Ecology Flora and Fauna of Midland Nepal by Fleming Jr s..pdf
  • 1995 William Moorcroft–an Assessment by Denwood in Recent Research on Ladakh 4&5 s.pdf
  • 2017 The 1950 Houston Expedition to Nepal and the Southern Approach to Mt. Everest by Cowles s.pdf
  • 1986 Butterflies of the Himalaya by Mani s.pdf
  • 1989 Butterflies of Nepal by Smith s.pdf
  • 2012 From Tibet Confidentially–Secret correspondence of Agvan Dorzhief 1911-1925 by Samten s.pdf