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  1. Hi everybody. I have a question about photos of the Himalayas. I have an old photo from a place. It shows a very rocky mountain range with what looks like a part of an apparent peak or mountain. In this apparent peak or mountain there are two snow-fingers that descend downwards from a high ridge toward the base of the mountain. The two snow-fingers meet with some jagged peaks. The whole place is extremely rocky without any kind of trees. For the amount of snow that is shown in the photo, it seems to be a high place. I don`t know if this place belongs to the Himalayas. If someone can help me, please send me an email to: jperez0172@hotmail.com

  2. I wanted some photos of Gohna lake at the time of flood and before the flood of Alakhnanda river. Is there any way i can get it? Help me out please.

  3. my maternal grandfather founded undivided India’s first Dental College in Karachi around 1926.His name was Dr. Mansookh Kallainji Patel
    I have loads of pictures ;and his writeups on his way from Germany(where he studied) to Karachi by steamer

  4. Dear Pahar Administrator,
    Thanks a lot for your valuable collections of history. I am from PAKISTANI Administrative KASHMIR…district Poonch and can you please any one provide me the tribes details of Poonch particularly the tribe now called SUDHAN…..my ancestors are from Arab yet this tribe people are in majority yet there is no authentic cue about their ancestor…..I will greatly appreciate please again a lot thanks for this collections of historical pieces of information

  5. have information where some old photographs of Nainital (+30 nos) are available.all are older than 1900 A.D.if you spent money scans can be send .

  6. Thank you for this wonderful website, my grandfather ran the leper hospital medical operation in Rawalpindi His name was Dr. Daniel Mcauley do you have any information/papers /archives concerning him? Many thanks.

    • We have nothing (yet!) on Dr. Daniel Mcauley, but would be happy to post material if you can find anything. Are his photos, letters and possibly other writings available anywhere? MCADDeditor

  7. my ancestors were called Yule and lived in Calcutta,My grandmother, Inez Yule was a schoolteacher and married Harry Crabbe a journalist. Could there be a connection.

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