Nepal-Topo Maps

In the Google map below you will see many color-coded rectangles.  If you click on the corner of any rectangle it will ‘select’ and open a balloon with a link to the respective map.  The rectangles show the map boundary and the color indicates the date of original publication.  You can zoom in and drag the map to get a closer view of the rectangles.

Red = before 1800; Orange = 1800-1849; Yellow = 1850-1899; Blue = 1900-1949; Green = after 1950


Any map can be downloaded by clicking the links below.


Nepal-Topo Maps — 56 Comments

  1. I can’t find the sheet(2688-08c, 08D, 12A 12B), so, it will be very helpful for me, if you inform me that where i can find the complete picture of Charkose jhadi or Jalthal forest. I need that for my dissertation work.

    • 2688 08C, 08D, 12A and 12B are not in Nepal at all, but somewhere in Sikkim! I think you mean 2687 instead of 2688. Please see the file “0 Nepal Topo Index.jpg” in the Nepal Topo Maps folder to help you select the files you need.

    • 2784 05A in the FinnMap series does not exist. You can find a JICA map covering the 05A area by using the index map found in the file “0 JICA Index Map.jpg”. MCADDeditor

    • The area of 2883 11 is covered by four maps of 25k scale, 2883 11 a, b, c, and d. The area of 2883 12 is covered by a single map of 50k scale. A 50k map of 2883 11 does not exist, nor a set of four 25k maps of the 2883. Sorry. MCADDeditor

    • The map 2884 3 is located entirely in Tibet, and was never published as part of the Nepal topo map series. So effectively there is no such thing as map 2884 3 in the Nepal topo map series. To see the area of your interest in considerable detail, please see Tibet Map Institute map 2884, which is available through a link from our MCADD website. MCADDeditor

  2. To have so many large scale maps immediately available to consult is an incomparable treat. Thank you very much.

    • It seems 2783 06 A,B,C,D do not exist in the Finn Map series, and instead you will have to use 098 15 and 16, and 104 03 and 04 of the JICA series. The coverage is approximately the same. MCADDeditor

  3. It is an appreciable job from which every person who take interest on the map should have benefitted. Thank you so much

  4. Visually, maps are great !! does not work while geo-referencing !!! It stretches making its useless !! Any solution for it !

      • I am unfamiliar with the term Georeferencing but does this mean that I can use the maps with GPS to view my location etc. I use Viewranger which doesn’t work with jpg maps but maybe OziExplorer does?

          • Can you help me please in Georeferncing?
            Which settings i have to use for Map Projection and Map Datum and or Map Grid?
            I tried UTM and Everest 1830 but ended up in an Map which is far away from being precise.

          • Some high-quality maps provide all the details of projection and datum used in making a particular map, and these can be used when georeferencing. However many maps omit these details, in which case one is left to guess which projections and datum were used based on the appearance of the map, and a wrong guess will result in an imprecise georeference. It is a difficult situation when the details are not provided. MCADDeditor

    • There are two sets of topo maps for Nepal–maps supported by JICA cover the area around Lumbini including all of Kapilbastu, while maps supported by the Finns cover the rest of Nepal. Complete sets of both series of maps are provided. The numbering system for the two sets of maps are different, and index maps for both sets of maps are provided in the MCADD collection. Please see the file “0 JICA Index Map.jpg” to identify the full set of maps covering Kapilbastu. MCADDeditor

  5. Recently there has been a problem with so many files being downloaded that we exceed our allowed bandwidth, and the system shuts down. We were down for four days the end of June. We suspect someone is trying to download the entire collection, and thus overloading the system. So we have put in place a restriction of five files per day per IP address, to see if this will help resolve this problem. This restriction is new, and perhaps still not working properly. We request emails from anyone experiencing problems in downloading files which do not exceed the five file daily limit. We would also like comments regarding the five file daily limit, or other ideas to improve the overall system. Best wishes, MCADDeditor.

  6. Thank you very much… Great Job..//
    But if you keep the latest updated map then.. that may be very useful..

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