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Geography of Himalayas-Charts from 1907 — 4 Comments

  1. Can you please let us know what is the source of these maps. The source seems to be meeting.Would appreciate if you can shed light on it

    • The Indian government published in 1907 a book with the title “A Sketch of the Geography and Geology of the Himalaya Mountains and Tibet” by Col. S.G. Burrard (Superintendent Trigronometrical Surveys) and H.H. Hayden (Superientendent Geological Survey of India. This book was revised and republished in 1933, with the same title but with many changes and additions of new information–by this time HH Hayden was dead, so A.M Heron (the new Superintendent of the Geological Survey of India) made the geological revisions. Both of these books are included in our MCADD collection under Books and Articles/ Geodesy Surveying and Astronomy. The maps and charts from these two important volumes are included in the Maps/ Himalaya/ section. MCADDeditor

  2. Hello Pahar
    A very interesting website.
    any advice you have of old, or detailed maps on the Rongdo Valley in Nubra would be much appreciated — I am writing an article about mountaineering in the ‘Great Bend on the Shyok River’ area.
    Many thanks.
    Professor Keith Goffin

    • Dear Prof Goffin,
      We look forward to reading your article on the Great Bend of the Shyok in due time.
      May we suggest you see the Zenodo website for a collection of some 12,000 Old Survey of India maps. Rongdu village falls in the 52 F (Leh) block of the 1:253k set of maps, and the Zenodo site holds copies of this map from 1875, 1927, 1938 and 1946. More detailed maps of this area, of 126k or 63k scale, do not seem to be present in the Zenodo collection, but physical maps might be found in the British Library or one of the major UK university collections.
      One of the earliest recognizable views of the Great Bend of the Shyok is in the 1842 Map of Kashmir Ladak and Little Tibet, the Mountain Course of Indus by GT Vigne on our website. There are also more recent maps of this area in the MCADD collection.
      Regards, MCADDeditor

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