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  1. gujrat states books like rasmala,solanki vansh,vaghela vansh,british kal,architecture of gujrat,Riyasat of gujrat are very important plz add this list.

  2. I would like to thank all the people behind this priceless website. You are doing a wonderful work, congrats. Do you take donations? How are you sustaining this website?

  3. Dear Pahar Team,
    I was just wondering whether you could make available of ‘The Political Development in Nepal 1950-70 Conflict Between Tradition and Modernity written by R.S. Chauhan. Published by Associated Publishing in 1971.

  4. Dear team I like to thank and showing my heartiest Gratitude’s to you, here I got two books totally free which was hard to find u r doing good job n spreading knowledge which is priceless

  5. Really Sir You are doing an incredible job for the book readers and history Lovers. I Appreciate your efforts. Sir If please arrange Ain-e- Akbaree by H.Balochmann Vol-1 Volumes II and III by H.S Jarret and N.H Sarkar. I will be much thankful for that to you.

  6. Dear Admin,
    The site is truly great. A lot of precious books r available for free of cost. thanks for keeping up this great website, it has helped me a lot. Can you make available “Looking back” Mehr chand Mahajan. I M desperately looking for the book. Thanks a lot.

  7. Dear Editor/Admin, Thank you so much. I got a lot of books related to my research from this website. Its like i found a living treasure. Ill be very thankful if the folliwing books can be uploaded too. Thank you once again. The books are …1. E.W. Brown, The Whole World kin, 1890. 2. A.C. Bowers, Under Headhunters’ Eyes. Judson press, Philadelphia. 3. Narola Rivenburg (ed), The star of the Naga Hills : Letters from Rev. Sidney and Hattie Rivenburg. 4. American Baptist Missionary Magazine.

  8. I found books very helpful. Can you upload all proceedings of ‘Indian Historical Records Commission’? There are around 40 volumes. They have tons of information.

    • It appears the proceedings of the Indian Historical Records Commission dating from 1920 to 1948 are already online at . Because the remaining proceedings will deal with historical records of all types, and records related to the MCADD geographical area of interest will be a very small fraction of the whole, we think the MCADD would be ill advised to spend the time and effort required to make these proceedings available. MCADDeditor

      • Dear Editor,
        Thank you for response and suggestion. Southasiaarchive has restricted access. The records are available in Digital library of India However vol 34 published in 1958 is missing, that has historical details on Nepal.

  9. thanks for your wonderful work.can you please add some books on the history of the hazara hindko speaking people in Pakistan or a history of the region that includes abbotabad, haripur, etc.

      • Please Upload any book on India and central Asia historical, political and economic relations since ancient period. also India and Central Asia Republics: Classical to contemporary written by Roy , J.N . Kumar, B.B.

        2. India and Central Asia written by X. Liu

  10. Can’t thank you enough for making freely available all the historically valuable books. I couldn’t download the book “Karakoram in Transition: Culture, Development and Ecology in the Hunza Valley”. Kindly recheck and make it available if possible.

    Thanks again.

  11. Dear Admin, Hope you can upload the following titles:
    History and culture of Himalayan Gujjars, by A. N. Bharadwaj, 1994
    Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir, Kulbhushan Warikoo, 1999, 1999
    Textiles, Costumes, and Ornaments of the Western Himalaya,Omacanda Haṇḍa,1998
    History of Kashmir, by Haidar Malik Chadurah,Translated by Raja Bano, 1991
    Central Himalayan Folklore: Folk Songs in the Rituals of the Life-Cycle,Helle Primdahl
    Rajatarangini of Jonaraja, Translated into English by Jogesh Chunder Dutt
    Bhatta Prajya and Shuka: Rajavalipataka. Translated by Jogesh Chunder Dutt
    Tarikhi-i-Kashmir of Pir Hassan Shah. Translated by Jogesh Chunder Dutt
    Ocean of life: visions of India and the Himalayan kingdoms, Marilyn Silverstone,1985
    Tribal Migration in Himalayan Frontiers: Study of Gujjar Bakarwal Transhumance Economy,Ram Parshad Khatana,1992
    The Splendour of Himalayan Art and Culture,Asoka Jeratha,1995

    • Kings Of Kashmira: A Translation of the Sanskrita Work Rajataranggini of kahlana Pandita, Jonaraja, Shrivara, and of Prajyabhatta & Shuka by Jogesh Chunder Dutt

    • Tibetan manuscripts and inscriptions of Ladakh Himalaya, by Prem Singh Jina, 1998
      Ancient Tibet: Research Materials from the Yeshe De Project, by Yeshe De Project, 1986
      Tibetans, by Judith Kendra, 1993.
      An Annotated Bibliography of Nuristan (Kafiristan) and the Kalash Kafirs of Chitral,Schuyler Jones,1969
      Gilgit Manuscripts. Edited by Nalinaksha Dutt.
      Chilas: The City of Nanga Parvat (Dyamar), By Ahmad Hassan Dani, 198.

  12. Hello Admin, thanks for keeping up this great website, it has helped me a lot. Can you upload “Kashmiris Fight for Freedom – Muhammad Yusuf Saraf” 2 Volumes. I have been looking for this book for more than a year, but can’t find it.

    • Dear Admin, i really appreciate you for uploading the first volume. Hope you can make the second volume available as well. Thanks again.

  13. Thank you very much for your contribution to spread history knowledge. I appreciate your work

    Can you collect some books about history of southeast asia and east asia like Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand and their relationship with China, India, etc…

    • PAHAR thinks it has plenty to do in just completing the digital collection for Himalaya, Tibet and Central Asia. Perhaps you and your friends could begin work on your own digital collection of materials on Southeast Asia, and set up your own website.

  14. Dear Pahar:
    thank you for providing so good website, its very great!
    now im finding a ebook,i dont know how to find? the book is :The history of Bukhara by Narshaki, tr. by Richard N. Frye, can you find the pdf version? thanks again!

  15. Dear Pahar,

    your website is indeed a great resource !!
    There is one book I’ve been searching for many years but it’s literaly impossible to get a copy of it except reading it in a few universities in the US.
    the book is a tibetan dictionary :
    Btsan-lha Ngag-dbang-tshul-khrims, Brda dkrol gser gyi me long, Mi-rigs Dpe-skrun-khang (Beijing 1997)
    Let me know if you can get your hands on it.
    I’ve of course suscribed to your website.

    Nicolas from France

        • A copy of the Hadud al-Alam has been posted under Books and Articles/Central Asia. Thanks for pointing us to such a remarkable book. On p.92 he says, “One of the marvels of Tibet is that whoever visits it, without any reason, becomes (of) smiling (countenance) and merry heart until he leaves the country.” Such wisdom for someone writing in 982AD!
          Regards, MCADDeditor

      • Dear Sir,
        I don’t know what to say ! When I asked for this book it was like a bottle in the sea… I was certain you would not get it !
        So I want to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for this book !
        Furthermore the quality of the PDF is excellent !

        Anyway a thousands thanks to you
        May a bright future come to you !

  16. Please kindly upload, The kingdom of Ladakh, The chronicle of Ladakh, and any article or books related to Ladakh history.. Thank you very much

    • We already have 1877 Kingdom of Ladakh c 950-1842 AD by Petech. Your request for “The Chronicle of Ladakh” is an insufficient title, and does not return any particular volume. Please give the full title and author. Regards, MCADDeditor

  17. Great work and great service to the scholarship. Thank you very much and wish you a great success ahead. I wonder if you may consider adding the followings:

    1. Indo-Nepalese Relations 1816-1877 by Ramakant, 1968
    2. Foreign Policy of Nepal by S. D. Muni, 1973
    3. The Politics of Nepal: Persistence and Change in an Asian Monarchy by Leo E. Rose and Margaret W. Fisher, 1970
    4. The Politics of Bhutan by Leo E. Rose, 1977
    5. China-Nepal Relations and India by T.R. Ghoble, 1991, Deep & Deep Publications
    6. Political Relations Between India and Nepal by Kanchanmoy Mojumdar, 1973, Munshiram Manoharlal.
    7. The Gurkhas: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Feared Soldiers, by John Parker, 1999
    8. Water: Perspective, Issues, Concerns by Ramaswamy R. Iyer, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2003
    9. The Gurkha War: The Anglo-Nepalese Conflict in North East India 1814 – 1816, by H. T. Prinsep, 2007
    10. Waters of Hope: Facing New Challenges in Himalaya-Ganga Cooperation by B. G. Verghese, India Research Press, 2007
    11. Towards Water Wisdom: Limits, Justice, Harmony by Ramaswamy R. Aiyer, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2007
    12. Nepal-India Water Resources Relations: Challenges, by Dwarika Nath Dhungel and Santa B. Pun (Eds.), 2009
    13. South Asia’s Weak States: Understanding the Regional Insecurity Predicament by T. V. Paul, 2010
    14. State Making and Territory in South Asia: Lessons from the Anglo-Gorkha War (1814-1816) by Bernardo A. Michael, (Anthem Modern South Asian Series) 2012

    • We are looking for volumes 1 to 6 on your list and should have them in a few weeks. Number 9 on your list is a reprint from the 1825 History of the Political and Military Transactions in India during the administration of the Marquess of Hastings 1813-1823 vol 1 by Prinsep, and the two volumes by Prinsep on Hastings have now been added to Books and Articles/Indian Subcontinent. The other items in your request appear to be quite recent and would likely attract copyright complaints. Regards, MCADDeditor

  18. Could you please upload the book “Pathar aur Pani by Sh Netra Singh Rawat ji”. I have looking for this book with no success from last several years. I also sent an email to Sh Shekhar Pathak ji andhe promised to find this book but I am yet to hear from him

  19. HI you are doing great job . It would be great if you add this book in your collection, I could not found it anywhere. History Of Kumaun: English Version Of “Kumaun Ka Itihas” by Badari Datta Pande

  20. HI
    I can not download book
    1988 Mount Everest Massiv 3 by Jan Kielkowski in German+English.pdf (3.3 MiB)
    1988Mount Everest Massiv 2 by Jan Kielkowski in German+English.pdf (4.1 MiB)

    • Thanks for pointing out this problem. We have changed the “German+English” in the title to “German and English” and now it should work properly–just a software glitch in WordPress. MCADDeditor

  21. This is an excellent and invaluable repository on Himalayan Studies in particular.
    Please do help me by suggesting how can the following doc be downloaded
    1824 Papers Respecing the Nepaul War s.pdf (101.2 MiB)

    • To download, simply find that file in the list of Nepal Books and Articles, click on the file, and it will download. If it is a 100MB file you may need a pretty good internet connection to be able to complete the download. MCADDeditor

  22. Dear MCADD-PAHAR team,

    Thank you and congratulations for this priceless resource. May I request you to make the following books available if copyright restrictions permit?

    1. Chris Bonington, Changabang

    2. W. H. Murray, Evidence of things not seen

    3. J. Thomson, W. W. Graham, and A. H. Markham, From the equator to the pole

    Thanks again.

    • 1981 Guide to South Asian Coins is working OK, but the file is very large, 222MB, because of the large number of photos, so you will need a good internet connection to be able to download it. MCADDeditor

  23. Dear sir
    Do you have a copy of.. A Collection Of Treaties, Engagements And Sanads Vol – XII (1931). Aitchison C.U.. 1931. You have volume 1 to 11. Do you by any chance have volume 12.
    So grateful for your efforts
    Thank you

  24. dear editor
    i am extremely happy to come across such a valuable site, where one can find rare old books. i am very thankful to your site for making all these rare books available to us. Here i am looking for one more book and if you could please upload it as i have been looking for it since long time and unfortunately i could not get it. Here is the name of book…..THE MYTH OF SHANGRI-LA. TIBET, TRAVEL WRITING AND THE WESTERNER CREATION OF THE SACRED LANDSCAPE, BY Peter Bishop, London: The Athlone Press,1989.

    Thank You in anticipation

  25. Asalamu Alaikum
    I am Dr. Younus, from Kashmir, having Ph.D on Central Asia, looking for Pdf on Central Asian studies. I shall be oblidged if you can help me out there.

  26. Wonderful collection. I would appreciate more books on Ladakh, such those works by A. H. Francke, Joseph Gergan, Andrade, etc.

  27. the site should be named as Indo-Pa subcontinent and not Indian subcontinent. Or it should also have a folder for Pakistan which is a separate and independent state in the subcontinent.

    • We have received multiple comments similar to this one noting that downloads are not being allowed for the past 10 days or so. We’ve had some difficulties with the website, and hope those problems are now behind us. As far as we can tell downloads are now working normally. We apologize for the recent difficulties. MCADDeditor

  28. Dear Editor,

    It is great to see the auspicious books here! I would like to convey my appreciation for uploading so many historical and important document in the site.

    Please note that the site shows : “Traffic limit exceeded! Please try again later.” while downloading

    1. 1831 Literature of Thibet by Wilson from GSv3 s.pdf
    2. 1892 Life of Atisa by Das from JASBv60pt1 s.pdf
    3. 1889 Life of Sum-pa Khan-po author of Rehumig by Das from JASBv58pt1 s.pdf
    4. 1973 Indian Explorers of the 19th Century by Rawat s.pdf; and
    5. 1969 Autobiography Incidents Of My Early Life By Sarat Chandra Das S

    • Recently there has been a problem with so many files being downloaded that we exceed our allowed bandwidth, and the system shuts down. We were down for four days the end of June. We suspect someone is trying to download the entire collection, and thus overloading the system. So we have put in place a restriction of five files per day per IP address, to see if this will help resolve this problem. This restriction is new, and perhaps still not working properly. We request emails from anyone experiencing problems in downloading files which do not exceed the five file daily limit. We would also like comments regarding the five file daily limit, or other ideas to improve the overall system. Best wishes, MCADDeditor.

  29. Great collection. Can you please upload these books also?

    Kullu: Himalayan Abode of the Divine By Dilaram Shabab
    Penelope Chetwode, Kulu: The End of the Habitable World (Times Book International, Delhi, 1989)

    Thanks and regards,

  30. sir I am searching a book of jadunath sarkar that’s name is memoirs of bhimsen relating to aurangzib’s Deccan campaign but until now i did not success to find it .please help me

    • Our website focuses on materials related to the Himalaya, Tibet and Central Asia. It seems the book you are searching concerns a military campaign in the Deccan, and therefore is outside the scope of the interests of the PAHAR.IN website. Sorry, MCADDeditor

  31. Sir, I’ll be highly grateful if you can arrange and upload the following:

    1. Lambert, C. 1877. Trip to Kashmir & Ladakh, Dehradun.
    2. Lambert. W. J. 1933. List of trees & shrubs for the Kashmir & Jammu Forest Circles, J&K State. Forest Bulletin No. 80, Dehradun
    3. Coventry, B. O. (1923-30). Wild Flowers of Kashmir, 3 Vols. Raith bay, Lawrence, London.
    4. Kaul, Dina Nath, 1934 Working Plan of Gurez Kuth Fields. J&K
    5. Kaul, M. K. 1986, Weed Flora of Kashmir
    6. Stewart, R. R., 1967. The grasses of Kashmir, Bull. Bot. Surv. India 9(4): 114-133

  32. Believe me, I have been searching Alastair Lamb’s various books on Kashmir for 4 years.Since some of his books have been banned, I never imagined that I would come across this website with all the three books of Lamb, absolutely free. From past two days, I am exploring this site and downloading most of the books. I have found a treasure house with such a diverse and historical books. I can just see the countless write-ups on Kashmir which are almost impossible to find as hard copies or anywhere on internet. I thank PAHAR for this invaluable service. Keep going and serving. Good luck.

  33. I am simply astounded of such a rare collection of timeless masterpieces. A wonderful job done. Many congratulations..

  34. Thank you very much for excellent collection. If you are accepting requests, please upload following books.
    I don’t know if these have copyright issues but it will be great if you can please post these books:

    1. Audisio, Aldo (Ed.).(1991). Alpinismo Italiano in Karakorum. 129 pages. Torino: Museo Nazionale della Montagna
    2. Capt. D. Briggs: Report on Operations Connected With The Hindostan and Thibet Road 1850 to 1855. Issue 16 of Selections from the records of the governm. of India. Publisher Thos. Jones, “Calcutta Gazette” Office, 1856
    3. Hugh Rayner: Photographic Journeys in the Himalayas 1863 – 1866 by Samuel Bourne. Pagoda Tree Press
    4. Keay, John. (1977). When Men and Mountains Meet – The Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1820-75. London: John Murray.
    5. Kurz, Marcel (1959). Chronique Himalayenne: L’âge d’or 1940-1955. Zurich: Foundation Suisse pour Explorations Alpines.
    6. Kurz, Marcel (1963). Chronique Himalayenne: Supplément. Zurich: Foundation Suisse pour Explorations Alpines.
    7. Kurz, Marcel. (1952). Karakorum. Bern: Schweizerische Stiftung fuer Alpine Forschungen.
    8. Mason, K. (1955). Abode of Snow: A History of Himalayan Exploration and Mountaineering. New York: Dutton.
    9. Visser, Ph. C. and Visser-, J. 1935-38. Karakorum: Wisseschaftliche Ergebnisse der Niederlandischen Expeditionen in den Karakorum und die Angrenzenden Gebiete in den Jahren 1922, 1925, 1929/30 und 1935. Volume 2. Leiden.
    10. Visser, Ph.C. De gletschers in de stroomgebieden van de Shyock-, Nubra- en Karakash-Rivieren. Amsterdam, K.N.A.G., 1933. 46p.
    11. Von Klebelsberg, R.1948. Handbuch der Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie. Vienna. (2 vol.) Wien, Springer-Verlag
    12. Waller, Derek (1990). The Pundits: British Exploration of Tibet & Central Asia. Lexington, KY.: University Press of Kentucky.
    13. Wood, H. 1922. Explorations in the Eastern Karakoram and the Upper Yarkand Valley. Narrative report of the Survey of India Detachment with the de Filippi scientific expedition, 1914. Survey of India Publ., Dehra Dun.

    Thank you very much for your efforts.

    Best regards


  35. I’m doing a master’s thesis on the Mongol Empire and this is, without a doubt, the most useful site I’ve found for it. Thank you for all your hard work!

  36. Also if you find the books below it will really helpful if you upload these too (they are very rare and hard to find)
    4. Cho Oyu by Herbert Trichu
    5. The Scottish Himalayan Expedition by W.H. Murray
    6. For Hills to Climb, The Doon School Contribution to Mountaineering – The Early Years. Edited by Aamir Ali
    7. Storms and Sunsets in the Himalaya: A Compilation of Vignettes from the Experiences of a Mountaineer by Parash Moni Das

    I would really be grateful if you can please post these books !

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

  37. Thanks for this amazing site.
    I don’t know if these has copyright issues but it will be really great if you can please post the following books:
    1. Climbing the Fish’s Tail by Wilfrid Noyce
    2. Makalu by Jean Franco
    3. The White Death by Georges Bettombourg

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

  38. what a site. I am in search of 1900 Himalaya Album by – kurt boeck. You have the German version “1900 Indische Gletscherfahrten–Reisen und Erlebnisse im Himalaja” . My request is if you can find the English version please!! put it on this site. and also let me know.
    Thank you

    • Are you sure there is an English version of “1900 Indische Gletscherfahrten”? I can find a “Himalaya-Album: Bilder aus den indischen Alpen” by Kurt Boeck, but it is also in German and there is no mention of an English version. Perhaps you should just drop the text of the German version into Google Translator, and read it that way. MCADDeditor

  39. The following books are just not loading.1884 History of Relations of the Government with the Hill Tribes of NE Frontier of India by Mackenzie
    1900 The Making of a Frontier by Durand
    1901 The Indian Borderland 1880-1900 by Holdich
    1905 Assam District Gazetteers Vols 1 to 10 by Allen
    1913 Exploration on the North East Frontier 1913 by Bailey and Morshead
    1924 Romance of Plant Hunting by Kingdon Ward
    1953 The Hidden Land by Bower s.pdf
    1891 Memoir on the Indian Surveys 1875-1890 by Black
    1913 Official Account of the Abor Expedition 1911-12
    1879 Statistical Account of Assam Vol 1 by Hunter
    1879 Statistical Account of Assam Vol 2 by Hunter
    1883 North-East Frontier of India — Topographical, Political and Military Report
    1905 Naga Hills and Manipur by Allen
    1907 North and North-Eastern Frontier Tribes by Intelligence Branch
    1914 History of Upper Assam, Upper Burmah and NE Frontier by Shakespear
    1947 Ethnographic Notes on Tribes of the Subansiri Region by Von Furer-Haimendorf
    Please check if you can help.I will upload another list later.
    Thanking you in anticipation

    • All these books appear to be downloading properly now. Perhaps you are on a weak internet connection that breaks down repeatedly during the download process. Please see if a better connection solves the problem. Ed.

  40. The collection is excellent.However many of the books concerning Assam and its hills just do not open could you please check and help.Thank you so much.

  41. Excellent collection. Well organised. Could get a few books of Fanny Parkes & Skinner. Please make your collection from all over India.Books on Deccan / Marathas/ Nizam and down the south are missing.
    Once again thanks a lot.

  42. Very helpful site.
    I’m seeking for the book of Dr. Pathak and Dr Uma Bhatt, Asia ki Peeth Per (Beyond Asia’s Back)about Nain Singhs Diaries. Is there a possiblity to get a digitalized copy?
    It would be very very helpful.
    Thank you!

  43. hi, Has anyone the Hudūd al-ʻĀlam; “The regions of the world”: a Persian geography, 372 A.H.-982 A.D.?

  44. This website is amazing. I can’t believe the books on here. Some of these books I’ve spent years looking for. And the quality of the scans and OCR are great.

    If you are accepting requests, I have a few below. They are rare, but real gems.


    David Straub

    1. Ali. Mohammed. Book: Afghanistan : the War of Independence, 1919. Publisher: Kabul : [s.n.], 1960.

    2.Barrow, E.G. Gazetteer of the eastern Hindú Kush.Simla, Government Central Press, 1888, 1887.

    3.Barrow, E.G. A Confidential Gazetteer of Dardistan and Kafiristan, Calcutta 1885.

    4.Chakravarty, Suhash. From Khyber to Oxus: a study in imperial expansion. New Delhi : Orient Longman. 1976.

    5. Davies, Cuthbert Collin. The problem of the North-west frontier, 1890-1908, with a survey of policy since 1849. Curzon Press, 1975

    6. Dor, Remy and Naumann, Clas M. (1978): Die Kirghisen des afghanischen Pamir. Graz.

    7. Gablenz. Carl August. D-ANOY bezwingt den Pamir: ein abenteuerlicher deutscher forschungsflug. G. Stalling, 1937

    8. Iloliev, Abdulmamad The IsmaÝili-Sufi sage of Pamir: Mubarak-i Wakhani and the
    Esoteric Tradition of the Pamiri Muslims, New York: Cambria Press. 2008.

    9. Искандаров. Восточная Бухара — Искандаров Б. И. Восточная Бухара и Памир во второй половине XIX в. Ч. 1—2. Душ., 1962—1963.

    10. Kreutzmann, Hermann. Ethnizitat im Entwicklungs prozeB: die Wakhi in Hochasien. XV und 488 S., 57 Abb., Dietrich Reimer Verlag, Berlin 1996.

    11. Lorimer, David L. R. and Irmtraud Muller-Stellrecht. Materialien zur Ethnographie von Dardistan: (Pakistan): aus den nachgelassenen Aufzeichnungen. Graz: Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1979.

    12. Müller-Stellrecht , Irmtraud. Hunza and China (1761-1891) : 130 years of a relationship and its importance for the economic and political development of Hunza in the 18th and 19th centuries .1978. VII, 139 p. ISBN 3-51502799-8
    13. Ramm, Agatha. The Gladstone-Granville Correspondence. Cambridge University Press, 1998
    14. Schomberg. Unknown karakoram. London. 1936.

    15. Shahrani, M. N. M. The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers and War. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002,
    16. Tilman, H.W. Two mountains and a river. University Press, 1949

  45. I find it very tough to download books from this e-library. Please help me use this site. Do I need to register my name (ID) to allow me read books from this valuable site?

  46. Incredible, and at last! Thanks so much for all the hard work that has gone in to setting this up. Much appreciated.


  47. Thanks for your fantastic job. This website is incredible. Little bit sorry there a re almost only writtens in english. But incredible job. Many thanks

  48. Hello there….

    I am Imran , a sociologist and social worker by profession. I am ethnic Pashtoon and keen about subject in the histroy of Central Asia and Afghanistan ( but I am not biased/prejudiced by any means)……

    I did find this website a truly resourceful means and more than that….. a treasure on different subjects. The books I found here are truly precious and extremely extremely rare…. the whole team of are warmly congratulate that they have managed to maintain such a precious asset useful both for general and academic use.

    Warm regards
    Imran Khan

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